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  • HF Band Saw Blades -POS

    Last spring when I went out to vist some friends in NE Pa. we went to the HF store in Scranton. While I was there I picked up some blades for my 4x6 saw. Finally, I took one out tonight and put it on the saw, tensioned it up just the way you are supposed to and tried to cut a piece of 3/8 AL plate - NO GO.

    I shut the saw off and took a closer look - The teeth were facing in the WRONG direction!! And I have 3 more, all the same! More FINE quality!!!! Looks like I'll have to cut them, turn them around and braze them back together. They sure don't make this stuff easy!?!?


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    I watched a guy put one in backwards on a 12x24 kalamazoo , they made him forman a couple years latter


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      Are you kiddin' us?, Why not just turn it around?
      Not being smart.



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        Yeah, just flip it so the teeth point in the proper direction.


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          Or you could put a reversing switch on the saw and then it wouldn't matter where you got your blades.
          Don't feel bad,I'm sure we could collectively fill a book on the "duh" situations we've all encountered.As a matter of fact,could probably write one all by myself.
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            This is a joke right? Just flip them? For what ever reason, every time I uncoil a blade it ALWAYS comes out wrong the first time.

            But even going the RIGHT way, your, as they say, "pissing up a rope" using the HF blades. And I speak from experience! POS is an understatement. I now have exactly 2 multi-pitch Lynox blades made by a local well regarded supplier for $19 each. They cut so much faster AND STRAIGHTER(!), I can't begin to tell you how much better this saw works with decent blades. It's like mounting the Lynox blades upgraded my saw from a $150 POS ChiCom saw (which worked well enough for what it was, or so I thought) to a $600++ saw right on the spot. I can't begin to tell you how much better it is, and the blades show NO sign of wear after having already outlasted what would have completely killed some 5 or 6 of my previous blades. Just make sure you do a proper break-in, as I'm assured that's important.
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              Not sure if you get the tooth direction or not, but here is a simple explanation. Imagine a rubber band with the inside red and the outside green. If you turn it indside out - the red is now outside and the green is now inside. You can do the same thing with a bandsaw blade and in the process the teeth will reverse nicely for you.


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                Yep, you still aint gonna have a blade when you flip it....the little HF saw is quite a bargain, but the blades are crap. Get you a brand name bi-metal one and it'll likely last looong time.
                If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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                  I know what you mean.........

                  I bought a box of chip brushes from them, and when I opened up the box, the problem was instantly obvious....

                  EVERY ONE had the bristles on the WRONG END!

                  Oh, well, at least I got them on sale.

                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan


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                    I thought you were going to complain about the quality of the HF blades. They aren't that great. Any bi-metal blade will cut much better and last longer. I have been using the Enco $15 blades with good results. Just remember to have the teeth going the right direction, even the bi-metal blades won't cut with the teeth going the wrong way.


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                      Yep my wife bought a set of tea cups and the handles were all for left handed
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                        LOLROF thanks I needed a good laugh.Chinese provererb say You the operator need to be smarter than saw blade. Like the others said turn the teeth in the other direction.
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                          Saw blades

                          Had to change a blade today because the kids broke a blade. Made sure it was going the right way due to this post and not wanting to humiliate my self.

                          Any of you smart guys ever weld one of your blades into a mobius strip? Try to get one of them to cut properly



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                            AND, if you wind them up into a lil circle.. the easiest way not to lose skin when you take them loose? throw them on the floor.. they will bounce and unwind, leaving the skin on your fingers. Kinda like a lawnmower spring..

                            I used to pick the portaband saw blades up off the floor at Dupont.. they had a saftey rule where you could not transport a saw with the blade on it.. you had to remove it.. so the "fitters" flung the blade when they'd take them off..
                            At 2am with me starting up instruments I'd get them hung on a ankle.. pick them up, wind them up and put them in a pocket.

                            It's a lot easier not to say anything about a scratched ankle with a sawblade in your pocket.

                            I only recently had to start buying blades again.. I worked there in the early 90s.

                            Silly rules.
                            Excuse me, I farted.


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                              Unwinding is OK, I am no good at winding them up into the nice coil...... once unwound, that's how they stay.

                              How do you do that without looking like you just broke up a catfight?

                              Keep eye on ball.
                              Hashim Khan