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  • Colchester Master?

    Hi Guys
    I have the opportunity to buy a Colchester Master lathe for 1600 AUD, does anyone have any idea if this is a good price, the seller of course states that it is in good condition. Also does anyone know if this model has a clutch? I know the student doesn't as I was looking at Speedy's in NZ the other day.

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    Hi Will, it was good to have you over the other day mate. The shed is looking clearer and the pile of stuff to sell is growing. Just yesterday Linda was asking, did you find that missing item without too much trouble

    What model Master is it? If it is in good operating order with all chucks and steadies then I would think that 1600 was a good number. Conditional on inspection of course. Have you tried
    An old `56 Colchester Triumph went for 1200 just recently. The questions relating to wear etc were not answered ( funny that )
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      I know the student doesn't as I was looking at Speedy's in NZ the other day.

      Some Colchesters do and some dont have clutches in the same range. My Mark II has a clutch, so it varies on the model detail.

      Steve Larner


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        My 2500 master has forward and reverse clutches as well as electric brake. If it had variable speed I would consider it as good as the Monarch 10EE. Weight about 1800 pounds The last one I saw on ebay went for $4500 (US). There is one on ebay now they want $7950 for it.
        Herm Williams


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          I missed it!,we had some people come this morning who are interested in buying our farm and someone bought it out from under me, never mind I think maybe I would have had fun trying to convince the wife that I needed a fourth lathe in my shed! Good to hear from you Ken, I bet you have found a lot of good stuff in your shed!, if this bloke buys our farm I will have a 100'x60' shed to empty and a new smaller one to build.