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A deburring trick and a story I enjoyed hearing

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  • A deburring trick and a story I enjoyed hearing

    OK first a machinist trick I learned out of The American Machinist mag. from the practical ideas section, works.

    If you have a hole to deburr down in a recess, or next to a shoulder, you just can't get to it with a deburring knife or such, don't have a countersink the proper size, all is not lost.

    Easy, use the end of a chucking reamer a bit larger than the hole, power with a drill motor, by hand, whatever. A touch and the burr is gone, works very well, I've gotten to the bottom of some counter bored holes this way that I couldn't have deburred any other way.

    Now for some country humor and wisdom, I got a good chuckle out of it.

    My old neighbor Kenny was telling about the old bachelor farmer whom they had judge the baby show at the town fair one year. They picked him because he would be impartial.

    He dressed up proper and did his best, picked the winning baby. But as would be, one mother who's baby had not won was giving him the dickens, what do you know about babies you're an old bachelor she told him. The old feller told the woman that he had raised a lot of mule colts in his life, and that he judged the babies just like the colts, he looked at the Mamma's and guessed how the babies would turn out. Truth, but it didn't set very well with that mamma.

    We didn't have a baby show this year, Kenny was one of the planners of our big affair, he contends that with a baby show there will be 1 happy mother, 2 happy grandmothers and a whole bunch of unahappy ones.

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    Halfnut, he's a smart man. Knows when not to anger all the women, and stayed single ,too. That way none can be mad at him. Good story, good tip, thanks, Bobby


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      What did you think was the best tip, staying single ("why buy the cow when you can rent one", and no, I do not care if that was politically incorrect - someone had to warn young guys), or shutting up around women?

      Good story, great tip.

      Dave (I am in so much trouble...)


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        The best tip? Both!

        James Kilroy
        James Kilroy


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          Thrud, whether a man stays single or marries, he'd better learn when to keep his mouth shut around women. A lot of times, no matter what he says, he can find himself in trouble. It's happened to me quite often, but in the last few years, I've finally learned enough to stay out of trouble most times. Bobby


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            The Chinese have a saying - or curse: "May your life always be interesting." This is why God created women and pit bulls. (you do know the difference between a Pit Bull and a Woman - Pit Bulls don't wear makeup).

            Men can fight almost to the point of death, two minutes later they are pals again. Women will hate each others guts forever.

            It is not their fault that they are PMSing, or pyscho - its YOUR fault. Shut up and remember that...

            Dave ;-)


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              My findings are that you had better remember, because women never, ever, forget somthing that made them mad. It usually gets put away for future use, but is never forgotten nor forgiven.


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                Looks like I got something started here for good or bad.

                I didn't say I wasn't married, I'm not, but have been hanging around the same gal since her kid was 9, she's 22 now. How time flies, we now have a grandboy, 2yrs 8 months, we really enjoy the little feller.

                First she was scared to get married, she had a bad experience, now she wants to. I was ready but now I don't want to live in her house, I have my old house, shop and 3 acres on the edge of town, dark enough at night I can see the stars.

                I have a new double wide picked out, we might do it. Neither one of us is getting younger and it looks like we might have a grandboy to raise.

                And I haven't learned how to get the milk for free, that stuff is expensive.

                I always say that a man suffers more from PMS than the woman does.

                I have been working on my shop, have myself a nice cozy 21 x 20 room all boxed in and insulated. If I do make this jump in life I will have a warm place to go and hide.


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                  halfnut, Robert,

                  Well said gentlemen.

                  A lady friend of mine is one of the few intelligent women that I know that speaks her mind and does not mince words (cross a NY cabbie and a Badger with PMS - you get the picture). I LIKE THAT. No games. You do something stupid and she will rip a strip off (anyone) then explain why it was stupid. She is such a sweety-pie!



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                    Dave, Halfnut, it looks like we all three have treasures. Most of the cynicism is for the effect, some is justified. I like a woman with a little attitude, usually they will compromise, just like we wind up doing, if we present things to them logically. Halfnut, I resisted getting married for a long time, and don't regret doing it because I found one that doesn't mind if I play pool all night,work in my shop, or what ever I please. She only rarely mentions the tons of money I spend for my shop/hobbies. Being the typical man, I just ignore those times.It seems to work for us.Just don't give up your shop, you'll both need it. Bobby


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                      One more thing, guys, keep up the stories and tips, I'm having a goood time reading and learning.Bobby


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                        Tried the ream trick on an aluminum part we were running it worked great.

                        Thanks for the tip.



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                          I've been married to my best friend for 29 yrs, she helps me make decisions about machine tools I either make or buy, she doesn't run em, but I don't mess with her sewin machine either.
                          Good tip. Jack


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                            I wouldn't mess with those Singers either - too sharp and pointy like - a guy could get hurt!