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tube straightener to go with Georges tube bender

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  • tube straightener to go with Georges tube bender

    Originally posted by David E Cofer

    try that link for a pdf download. I gathered the pictures together real quic like last night and took them into a pdf format.

    I keep things better tlike that.. if you save html, it may lose the picture links.

    Nice roller by the way, a different style than Georges.. George's roller can replace a lot of tube benders.
    figured this could be a new thread, thanks for posting that David. when i saw it reminded of a similair tool i built a while ago, a tubing straightener.

    mine was made primarily to convert coils of copper tubing into straight lengths of copper tubing. the similarity of the two made me think a builder might incorporate both functions in a machine, although mine is for light duty stuff. the other trick for straightening copper tube is tie one end of against a tree and the other to a trailer hitch and give it s slight stretch. tried this once, just by pushing the car, works ok, might end up with a slightly smaller OD though

    i disagree with it replacing a bender though, in my limited experience the rollers are used in increments, tough to do when you want a 90 degree bend. then again that's speculation, i haven't tried it.

    located in Toronto Ontario