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    I'm on a mission to find the right motor pulleys for my 11" Logan. Logan wants over 2 bills. Joe at Plaza Machinery has got a used pair for $145 which at least includes shipping. Nothing at Lost Creek and several E-Bay type stores/sellers I've checked in at so far.

    Anybody know where else I might look?


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    If you know what size Diameter and what size belt width .4L 5L or such Pulleys can be had from a number of suppliers Mc Master car Browing ,Martin , Union gear many mary more Dodge power transmision and such, Also a piece of cast iron the right size and a lathe = a motor pulley . Chuck ,face ,turn od. bore cut grove for belt broch key way add set screw ,Their you have a motor pulley.
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      Is this for the vari drive model?


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        Rusty, it's a benchtop model and as you probably already know the pulleys are specific to that model. Vari-drive or "under cabinet" models take different pulleys.

        I would like to know what belt it takes in terms of 3L, 4L, etc. Other than 40" there's nothing at the Logan Online Store to give me a clue. I suspect the belt that's on it's wrong because it's shining up the bottom of the stock "but bent" motor pulley. Typical.

        Someone mentioned Kaman Bearing in a past post for cast iron and I ran into the "L" size stuff on their website and got stalled ......

        There is a local Kaman and I did get countershaft bearings there, but the dude behind the counter didn't know anything about pulleys. Go figure.

        I would love to be able to make my own. The upper or countershaft is a little over 9" and cast with cool looking spokes. If I did it myself .... machined spokes? Yeah!

        I'm thinking about it, but when you consider the total weight of the chips I've turned offa lathe could be measured in ounces ....... it may not be a good idea!