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CentreCam - From CAD to "CAM" without CNC?

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  • CentreCam - From CAD to "CAM" without CNC?

    I came across this site through a link on "thewarfields". It's a software package which uses a modified webcam as a optical center finder and more. The resolution is 1 pixel on the screen which I think equals about .001".

    The accuracy I have no idea about.

    It looks like it might (among other things) be a solution to the head misalignment problem for round column mill drills.

    After studying it a while, I began to wonder how to use its measurement and layout capabilities.

    I started thinking about fixing a part and a pattern to different places on the mill table, mounting the camera off-spindle and somehow "slaving" the spindle center position to the remote camera center position.

    You would need to mount a workpiece under the spindle and align it to the spindle center. Then mount a pattern (cad drawing) under the camera and align that to the camera center position.

    It would be nice to to use the first tool in the spindle to do the registration - using marks outside the part's boundaries. This way you's avoid having to mount the camera in the spindle and then switch the camera from the spindle to the remote mount.

    Since both "parts" are now fixed to the table, you could x and y to the features on the pattern, using the camera and software. At each feature, the spindle center would be over the corresponding location on the part.

    Sadly, I am on the other side of the world from my mill, so I'm having to imagine all this! Exactly how to "slave" the pattern and part with the minimum of effort is a bit unclear.

    This also presupposes that the whole system is capable of the required accuracy.

    If it worked, it would be a great way to avoid a lot of layout work on some types of parts and would more or less amount to a way to go from CAD to "CAM" without CNC.

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    My new thread broke the first rule, search before posting. I should have responded to John Stevenson's post of 13 December.



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      No problem Rick it has bumped it up a bit and hopefully got some interest.

      I got in touch with the author, Mike Trethewey, when the article came out and also Art at Mach3 and put them in touch with one another in the hopes that Art will use all or part of Mikes program in Mach3 to replace the working but limited version of webcam that's in Mach3.

      I need to do a bit of following up on this.


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