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Convert turret lathe to standard???

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  • Convert turret lathe to standard???

    Does anyone know what it would take to convert a turret lathe to one with a standard tailstock???

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    Trade the turret for a standard tailstock! Most all turrets are completely self-contained on small hobby lathes so all you have to do is take them off and put on the regular TS. If you buy a normal TS be sure to get the steel plate that goes under the ways to lock it down. Not critical but its a hassle stripping off the one from the turrett to use.

    Don't forget to check the new tailstocks centering to the center of the head. They are all slightly different. Yours will have to be adjusted to give you straight cuts.


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      I have a Hardging seconding operation lathe and it came with both.On larger machines it would be nesesary to remove the drive assemby that feeds the turret ,no big deal if you not going back and forth.turret lathe have nice head stocks sometimes forward reverse and high low on clutches very nice for running taps and stuff I had a Ward likethat.


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        I've run turret lathes and engine lathes off and on over the years. For 90% of the work I'll take a turret lathe. For 9% I'll stick a center in a turret station. For the 1% as on long shafts having lots of details to cut, that's where the engine lathe shines.

        On overtime when supervision was slack I used to take multiple piece engine lathe work up to the soup machines and knock out three times the work per shift.

        When the night shift guy came for a pick-up there were coffee cans of bolts or pins or valve bodies or whatever sitting there by the engine lathe just as though I'd been there all day. The pain was I had to smuggle the turret lathe chips to the engine lathe for presumptive evidence I was innocent.

        Productive tricks like this have a down side. They make you seem like a raal tiger on the engine lathe. Sooner or later you'll get caught and have to confess you're smart instead of quick.


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          Finding tools for the Turret is a lot harder.....

          -- jr