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What could these be used for?????

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  • What could these be used for?????

    I have a pile of cutters from a spindle moulder these are used in pairs,but the ones I have left are singles.The steel on the other hand is beautiful high speed steel and is almost certainly hardened. They are different sizes from quite large to medium say a couple of inches to four inches all are ground to a profile.I figured the steel is to good to throw away what on the other hand could they be used for ?Alistair p.s I have about 20 in all
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    If I didn't know you were across the pond, I would have thought you digging through my favorite salvage yard. I saw a 12x12" box full of them there last week and was thinking the same thing. Nothing came to mind so I walked on by. I guess if you worked wood, you could use them on a lathe as a form cutter but that's all I can think of.

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      You can't reshape them into molding cutters of your own design? I'd eBay them puppys before I'd toss'em away. Someone is sure to get some use out of them.
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        Put them in a clamp tool and use them for a shave tool on a lathe. Or if you have the radius style you can make great ball turners