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    I have been asked to help a widow evaluate the machines in her recently deceased husband's home shop. Can anyone suggest a good place to get current valuations for things like a Clausing Model 8520 Vertical Milling Machine or a Maximat V10 Lathe?

    I hesitate to use an estate seller as I believe they cannot evaluate this kind of equipment accurately.

    All of this equipment is in "like new" condition as he bought it new and only used it lightly to do hobby projects (and very few of those.)

    Any advice would be appreciated.



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    If the stuff is that good maybe they should have a machinery dealer give them a quote and then maybe talk to auction people (eBay!??) or avertice for buyers.

    Good luck


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      I'm not an appraiser but generally try to follow 8520 prices both in groups/fora like this one and on eBay. An 8520 is worth between $1,000 and $4,000 depending on condition, tooling, and location. The $4,000 price seems a little high, even to me, but that's what a really well-tooled one brought on eBay just about a month ago. FWIW, I paid $2300 for mine, which I'd characterize as excellent condition and moderately well tooled.

      You might want to give Dave Ficken a call. He's located in New York, sells used machine tools and I believe that he offers an appraisal service for a fee. He's also one of the most honest and fair dealers I've ever had the pleasure to deal with.

      His web site is: - you'll have much better luck if you call him (rather than email).

      Once you decide on an acceptable selling price, you might want to post a for sale ad here (if they are allowed) as well as on these other locations:


      A near mint 8520 should be snapped up in no time, unless you get greedy. If you do post a for sale ad on any of the above, be sure to mention where the items are located. You will most likely get a much better price in a private sale than you will from a dealer.

      BTW, where are they located?

      Good luck,

      Mike near Chicago
      Mike Henry near Chicago


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        Mike & Thrud:

        Thanks for the replies. I will call Dave Ficken in NY per your suggestion.

        The items are located in Maryland near DC.