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    Probably, the answer is right in front of my eyes, but I can't see it. When starting up my puter, it seems to take forever. There are all kinds of programs that start themselves running in the little box by the clock. How do I decide what programs start on start-up so that I can make boot time go a bit smoother?
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    In the start section, lower left screen, then press "all programs" then start-up. Assuming you have windoze XP.

    Then some start from the registry. Those you will have to turn off from the program itself.

    Use hijack this and shut all of them down. Or the task manager.

    I have two items in the system tray. My firewall and the volume control. Works great.
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      Older versions of windows require CTRL-ALT-DEL to see what is running. Write all the programs down.

      Decide which programs you want to keep at start up and which you'd rather do without. If you're not sure what a program does, do some googling to find out.

      In my version (ME), most start up programs are controlled in something called MSCONFIG. START/RUN/MSCONFIG should bring up a window. Go to the "startup "page and uncheck the programs that you want to omit.

      As JRouche said, some start ups are hidden in the registry -- especially malware. It's not that hard to edit the registry once you get the hang of it, but I'm not going to go into it here because it's complicated and risky if you boo-boo.

      All that I have running at this moment:

      -- Firefox
      -- Thunderbird
      -- Explorer (necessary part of OS)
      -- 2 AVG programs (anti-virus)
      -- Freeram XP pro
      -- Systray (necessary part of OS)
      -- a program that detects when my digital camera is plugged in

      It is not unusual for a poorly maintained PC to have 20 -100 programs running in the background. They tie up memory and CPU.


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        With XP, and antivirus, etc, it is not impossible to have 35 "processes" running.......

        As for start-up, a program called "Start-up cop" can be handy..... It allows you to control what is and is not started up. It is nice for de-bugging the computer, as you can turn things off and on at will, with very little trouble.

        I don't recall where it came from, but google is your friend...........

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          Start button, 'run', 'msconfig'
          go to the startup tab and you can check/uncheck anything there. Exit, reboot, done.
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            Another handy little program is Mike Lin's startup control panel (
            It installs to your control panel and sits there quietly until you need it,then all you have to do is open the startup control panel and select the programs that you don't want or need to run and you are done,of you can reverse your decision at any time,best of all it's free!
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              Quite a few of them you can right click on the icon to show a menu that tells what they are and provides (normally) a means of shutting them down.

              Most often on the clock side they are there to indicate that the program is either running, or is 'partialy' running, with the major components already loaded in memory to reduce start up time of that program, two drawbacks with that, it realy slows down the computer when starting it, and it fills memory, slowing the computer down. If they are programs you seldom use, shut them down and deselect run at startup

              For most programs, the startup speed isn't any faster when in the quick start, simply because when you've been running the computer for any length of time, they get swapped to virtual memory anyway, so they still have to be loaded from disk.

              If they're on the start button side, they're just one click shortcuts, not in memory.

              antivirus progs, controls for video driver and firewalls normally stay on the right side and run constantly

              Many programs start in the state they were in at last shutdown, so when you start windows again, they run.
              Other progs like AIM, msn messenger, yahoo messenger etc don't realy shutdown when you click the X to close, they just drop into the quicklaunch bar.



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                There is a way of manually trimming the services that are started. They are listed in the Computer Management window. In Win XP:


                Win 2K is similar but I am not sure the path is exactly the same. You can right click on each one and select Properties from the pop up menu. In it there is a drop down box that allows you to select the StartUp Type (Auto, Manual, or Disabled). The names are fairly self explanatory - Microsoft goofed up here and made it understandable.

                But be VERY CAREFUL about what you disable as some of them are absolutely necessary. If in doubt, leave it on.
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                  this is very timely,as I just finished trimming a bunch of stuff off the old win98.Goofed up once,had to put ptsnoop back on!runs better now,though. Got real tired of clicking on a post and going to get a cup of coffee while this thing decided if it wanted to play or not.
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                    Some very useful stuff here too.


                    Hijackthis gets rid of those really stubborn stains
                    just make sure you back up the registry before deleting anything.
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