Does anyone have a drawing of the little Zamak gearbox in the apron of the Atlas/Craftsman lathe that tranlates the handwheel to the rack gear? Or does someone have a decent one they could measure or I could borrow to make a print from? Mine is pretty well shot with .040" play on the shaft and I am afraid it is about to break as well. I am afraid if I take the gears off the shaft to measure it, I won't be able to get it to hold together while using the lathe to make the new parts. I tried asking on the Yahoo site but didn't get any nibbles.
I would be glad to share the fruits of my labor (if it works) when done. I plan on making it out of a block of 6061 and use bronze bushings on the shaft. The gears will probably be keyed onto the shaft, rather than broached square.