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OT- Remember my ebay/paypal question?

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  • OT- Remember my ebay/paypal question?

    Well, I set up a paypal acct, got it verified and set it up to remove the withdrawal limits.

    Person sent the money ($1850) and requested immediate shipping. I started the withdrawal process.

    They have now filed a complaint. I have called paypal and they say it appears to be scam in the hopes that I have shipped the item.

    But now my acct is on hold etc.

    I am not saying this is typical of ebay/paypal. I do believe it is typical for the item i was selling that is more expensive and being sold privately that is easy to ship.

    FYI for you all
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    So many ways to get hosed, sounds like you went about it the right way to protect yourself -- now its time to cut through all the crap...


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      What kind of feedback did the buyer have? Did you get confirmed shipping? I have talked to paypal regarding this type of scam and they say if you have a signed delivery confirmation they side with the seller.

      Make sure you leave negative feedback so others will know about this scammer.
      Mark Hockett


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        Damn "Q" that sucks, the above Response is true,to a point, You will still have to jump through hoops to get any satisfaction.


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          I didnt ship it. I was waiting for the funds to get into my bank (that I have set up just for this) so I could withdraw them.

          No waaaaaaay was I going to ship with out money in my small but greedy hands.

          I failed to mention the crux of the problem that caused this. The person who wanted it asked how much for shipping as a question. I answered and then they said that would pay via paypal and asked for my paypal email.

          So it wasnt exactly through Ebay. I do recognize that I would have had more protection if it was.

          Its a learning experience. It will in no way stop me from buying or selling on Ebay.

          The buyers rating was 100% with 18 transactions. But I let it slide out of an Ebay transaction
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            Just puttin myself in the other parties shoes.. The sender of the mulla is laying his neck out far more than any seller. They are sending "cash" to an unknown person in the hopes of getting the item they paid for. The buyer may just be going through buyers paranoia. I have been there. Sent large amounts of money and the communication started getting real sparse.

            Look up the buyers phone number through ebay contact info and give him a phone call to ease his mind. JRouche
            My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group



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              Its a scam. The person buying it is not the person recieving it. It was for a "client" in Japan. This is the email:

              Payment has been completed!
              This immediate payment presented only and only for fast shipment process.
              I prefered ONLY USPS Global express mail (EMS) as shipping company and its really respected and appreciates if you ship out today, since this really urgent also for keep my customer trust. Here is my customer address wheres the cue will shipped also as the recipient :

              Name : Abe Astiadin
              Address : Motohara 691-1, Sanada Machi
              City : Uedashi
              Province : Nagano Ken
              Postal Code : 386-2202
              Country : Japan

              hope this will be the beginning for next mutually bussiness !

              Margie Holzer

              I have no problems putting out the real names. The Ebayer is Pokeeto (Margie Holzer)

              If it was really urgent they would have paid 3 days ago when I gave them my paypal ID.

              As soon (like 45mins later) as I requested the funds to be withdrawn, they put in a complaint stopping the whole transaction (dont know if there is a connection). They sent the funds last nite at like 3am. I do the withdrawl thing at 8:30am, they do the complaint at 9:15am or so.

              Paypal said the buyer was saying it was an unathorized purchase


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                If someone wants you to stop the auction to sell the item its usually a bad deal. By doing that you loose all the protection ebay offers. My friend got burned on a laptop computer that way. Always wait for the auction to end to sell the item.
                You had the right idea about waiting for the money to clear before shipping the item. Also if this was not an ebay transaction the buyer can't leave negative feedback on you.
                Mark Hockett


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                  In the US, a seller has up to 30 days to ship. You should wait for the funds to clear. For out of country sales, this could take up to 30 days. It sounds like a scam to me. How did they pay via Paypal? (IP, Credit Card, eCheck) If they paid with a phoney card or Paypal account you could be shafted for the money AND the item if you ship it.

                  They wanted to pay outside Ebay because their transaction can't be traced. It could be a hijacked Paypal account. If the buyer had used Ebay checkout, the transaction is trackable and user would have to have a valid account. In effect, you screwed yourself by accepting payment outside Ebay checkout. Ebay is out of the loop and you lost your protection. See if the system will let you open a non paying bidder claim until the funds are released.

                  Unless you have your own system, you should ALWAYS use the checkout feature of Ebay. It does a lot of things for you. (Tracking is just one.)

                  I thought we went through all this before. (Selling outside the country.)


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                    While it sucks, you still have the cash & the product. My biggest purchase on E-Bay was about $750 and I was paranoid as hell since it was coming out of Canada. When I buy or sell in E-Bay I ONLY allow PayPal as payment even though they take their cut. I just see it as a cost of doing business. By someone having a PayPal account that means their bank account has been verified and it is harder for the scammers to work unless they are working with a hijacked PayPal account.
                    Any purchase like that in the future I will use the E-Bay Escrow feature. Tere may be a small fee but it is worth it knowing you are as safe as they can make it. As a buyer you send payment to E-Bay Escrow, and E-Bay notifies the seller that the money is in escrow. The seller ships the item to you, and notifies E-Bay for tracking. When you receive the item, E-Bay will know you received the item. As the buyer you have a limited amount of time to put a further hold on the escrow funds in case the seller sold you junk. You notify E-Bay to rerlease the funds to the seller and the stress is much less. It is more work for the seller, but any reputable seller will understand the amount of money, and the need to protect both parties.
                    I have a buddy who bought a 1968 classic Camaro thru E-bay using the escrow feature, $28000, and he said it worked out very well.
                    I hope this all works out for you and you don't end up with negative feedback, which you shouldn't if everybody communicates well.
                    Duke Reno / Yankee Metallic Metalcraft