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    has anyone used the Harbor Freight surface grinder or is it better to chance it on ebay

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    It appears to be the same one that Grizzly sells.


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      I have one and are very happy with it, I also bought the steel cabinet to mount it on.

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        I would do neither. Are there any used machinery dealers near you? The market for used surface grinder, particularly 6x12 models, is pretty weak. They go for dirt prices typicly.

        Yes an older one may have some wear, and probably be out of flat a few tenths, the spindle bearings might not be 100%, but I couldn't expect much more from a HF machine either.

        I have no doubt you can find a nice, used Boyer Schultz, Harig, or DoAll 612 in the same price range as the Chicrap machine. I don't want to sound like one of the redundant "Buy old American scrap iron" guys but there are a lot of decent used grinders out there for cheap.


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          I just bought a Boyer Schultz 6x12 on just that line of thinking.
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            I have a central tool surface grinder which I think is what HF sells. Mine does a nice job and is heavy as hell. I made a table to put it on. I bought it at an auction of a friends shop with an Enco 6x12 mag table on it. I knew he did not use it much and took care of it. I have considered lapping the table ways in as that is the only thing I find fault with. I would not pay new price but would look for a used one or a used better grade grinder. Not many are American made unless they are very old.
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              Import Surface Grinders

              I have an old Sanford 6X12 surface grinder that seems to work OK, but it does not produce a really nice finish. I use the grinder quite frequently and would not want to be without one, now that I am used to having one around. I told myself that I would maybe someday buy another grinder, but not until I could see it run with a dressed wheel on some stock and look at the finish. If I knew that the HF/Grizzly 6X12 manual grinders (around $1300 new) gave a good finish, I would be interested in them. If they produce the same finish I have now, it would be a waste of money. Anyone here that can report on the kind of finish they get? Is it scalloped or rippled at all? I would expect a good grinder to produce a finish like that on starrett gage stock or drill rod as purchased. Is this possible with one of these cheap asian grinders?

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