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460 V from a 230 V phase converter

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  • 460 V from a 230 V phase converter

    Message deleted until differences between Rick Christopherson and I are resolved

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    I run into the same problem you must have. I purchased a lathe with a 440 v 3 phase motor. For a phase converter to work on it i had to have the motor rewound to 230 v or buy a transformer that cost even more than the rotary phase converter. It cost 600 bucks to get the 2 speed motor rewound to 230 volt 3 phase. this was on a south bend lathe. Knowing what i do now i would never have bought it. most motors are wound for either 460 or 230 volts, but as my luck goes i had a 460 volt motor only.


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      I have 3 stepup transformers if any one is interested. They came in the back of a building I bought. I havent used them, but they are still hanging on the wall and appear to be in good condition. They apparently step 220 to 440. Ill sell them for $300 (for all 3) to any HSMr. They are in connecticut. Id guess they weigh 150-200 Lbs each, but i am really not sure.