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  • E-Bay for goodies

    I have been having quitre a blast buying stuff off E-Bay.

    Like new 1/2" carbide ends mills for $15
    I also bought a brand new Baldor diamond wheel grinder for carbide minus the wheels for $450 when they go for twice that.

    Picked up a used Aloris lathe tool post and holders for $360, 1 25/32 drill but with MT4 tail for $28, 1.5"x12" long new boring bars with inserts for $60, etc.

    The stuff there is really inexpensive, much new stuff too.

    The American made new lathe cutting tools and mill cutters are about half the price of new import stuff and nothing cuts like a new US made end mill compared to that Enco junk....

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    Yeah, off the topic, but my friend got hisself a police radar gun from ebay now he cruises the thruway flipping it on and watching for brake lights.


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      Big Dave,

      You never know what will jump out at you an make you buy from eBay! Way to go.


      Does he have a permit to operate a microwave transmitter - no? Turn him in for a reward!

      Dave :-)


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        Mail marm just came, dog didn't eat her, she left my latest package on porch, and ran from the dog I believe, dog likes to chase things that run from it, doesn't know what to do if they don't.

        Got a Machineries handbook 15th edition for $4.00, can always use another one, gave more for the other, a Tool Engineers Handbook printed 1949. Neat book, my old mentor Potter has one he is always refering too, likes to tell how he is a life member of the ASTE, you get to be one when your age and membership totals 50 or is it 100, either way he's probably been a life member for the past 40 years.

        I've got reading to do. Have gotten lots of goodies through ebay, and I do believe bargains. Levels, indicators, have micrometers running out my ears, metric radius gages, metric scales, lots of spring calipers and next to 3 pakages ago I got about 20 years supply of 3/8 toolbits.

        Only problem I have had is that my Idea of good sharp usable endmills and the sellers wasn't the same. All's fine, I didn't give much, and I need to mount up a new wheel and sharpen up some end mills anyway. Winters coming, grinder is close to the stove.


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          Boy you guys seem to be doing pretty good on Ebay. I just got out bid on a Bridgeport quill master that went for $275.00 so I went to my local machinery dealer and had my choice of 3 that were in real good shape and bought one from him for $85.00. I think their prices are way to high. I have been following 2 more of the same article on ebay and they are going for over $200.00. Somebody must want one real bad. I'll tell my machinery dealer to list the 2 he has left on ebay and make 3 times what they are worth, plenty of suckers left.


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            I've been buying and selling on Ebay for several years. You have to be careful on what you bid on. Some things are cheaper to purchase new. There are a lot of good deals on there too.


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              Yep - it seems to me a lot of stuff ends up being way overpriced on Ebay...but if you know what the real value is and have the discipline not to go chasing something that's overpriced, sometimes you can do very well.

              I've decided that any used cutting tool being sold as "like new" never is. These days I buy only new end mills, drills, etc. My drawer full of bargain "like new" but totally unusable cutting tools I've bought over the years is overflowing and can't hold anymore, anyway....
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