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  • Need help from UK

    I am looking for a source for materials for a project I want to build. The plans are from England. Need 1pc. 18 Gauge (British) X 7/16"w X 12" long tempered spring steel. Another pc. of same 20 Gauge 1/2"w X 8" long. Anyone know of a supplier that would sell in a reasonably small quantity. I know I'll pay more, that's O.K. I'm in U.S. and have not as yet found a source here. Also need thickness of 18 and 20 gauge in 1/1000 inches and the diameter of 20 gauge music wire in 1/1000 inches in british sizes. I know this is a bother but...
    Thanks in advance.

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    Brownell's sells packs of assorted flat spring stock, but I'm guessing it's too thick.

    You could also try and look on page 3522 in their online catalog.

    Looking in a handbook, I find "Birmingham or Stubbs' Gauge," which may be the one you want (maybe Sir John will know for sure). Anyway, 18 gauge is 0.049" and 20 gauge is 0.035".

    For music wire, it's also listed as using the same gauge...but whether it's the gauge being used in the plans you have, who knows!
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      It really depends on some unstated factors. If he was using BSW in the wire spec a 20 ga wire would be .036", AWG would be .032". But a 20 gage in Piano Wire gage is .045 so if he's specifying piano wire that's likely the stuff.

      On the spring steel 18 gage would be .049 and 20 would be .036 (there are minor differences between the gages but rounding up to 3 places gives the same numbers, near enough).

      I'd order some spring stock in something close to these sizes, if you can't find it try some inexpensive feeler gages as they're made from the same stuff.


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        SWG table



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          just go to any clock-o-hologist ...ot what ever they are called ...

          these are just clock springs ...

          found in a lot of household items as well

          tape measures
          vacuum cleaner cable retractors

          lilo and stritch kiddies hair bands

          lawn mower and outboard pull starters

          dog leads.

          all the best,,,,mark


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            Mark, I'm glad to see the spirit of cheap scrounging [email protected] aint dead.
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