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3c collet closer dimensions

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  • 3c collet closer dimensions

    Looking for a drawing and/or information on 3c collet closers. No, I don't want to buy one, I'd like to make it. If you could help me with the details of bearing surface diameter and entry angle I would appreciate it very much.


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    This page has a little information. Not enough though....
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      I have a drawing or two in AutoCAD of my collet closer. I have a 9" South Bend. Its not a lever, just a hand wheel type. If you want me to dig them up I will. Email me if you want me to find them.


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        i think that i would like to have my colletts in hand & custom fit....IF i remember ...gary reisdorf in hms wrote a GOOD piece on making own colletts, used hardinge book specs .....before 92-93 or so.might have been 3at .think it WAS 3c. if all else fails , i think i can pin it down for u.


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          I just made a 3C closer, and I was referred to for dimensions.
          MUCH more info that the Logan site. Suggest you look there in the collet section and I think you will find everything you need.

          I made the closer piece from the dims on the site before I got any collets, and it fit perfectly when I was able to try it on a collet.