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Unusual use of tool holder

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  • Unusual use of tool holder

    I made a tool holder for my QCTP on my 10L.
    I happened to have it on the kitchen table, while I was preparing a bowl of icecream with fudge sauce, and wanted to add some crushed peanuts.
    The nearest convienent object to smash the peanuts was the tool holder,
    so I used it.

    MY son walked in the room and observing what I was doing, Laughed and said
    thats one overly sophisticated peanut smasher.
    We both laughed our asses off, he went about his way and I ate my bowl of icecream.

    The next evening, I was having difficulties in the shop, and filled in the following on my dry erase board.

    Mike Green
    Mike Green

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    Nice looking toolholderpeanutsmasherwillitcrushwalnutsthingy.


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      Too Much Time On Yer Hands, Just Too Much Time.....
      Duke Reno / Yankee Metallic Metalcraft


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        Why did you make just one . They are cheeper buy the Dozen are at least 1/2 doz.
        Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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          Hmm, in our shop we commonly use a putty knife to cut pizza and six inch scales to stir coffee. We often enough serve candy or potato chips in banjo resonators.

          No reason not to add the toolpost nutcracker to the routine. . .


          Frank Ford
          Gryphon Stringed Instruments
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          Frank Ford


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            Just a note: Do not use the acetelyne torch to reheat your pizza, unless you like the taste of acetelyne. Don't ask me how I know.



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              Speaking of SMASHED

              A local luthierhad this late 60's Gibson super400 ,sent to him for repair
              by one of the chain guitar stores.
              Someone was trying to hang it back on a very high wall hanger, they slipped and it fell 11 feet to the floor SMASH!
              The luthier was bogged down with work when he got it, so he asked me to re-glue all the huge cracks in the top.
              I glued some cork to some fairly thin plexi, to use as a caul for the clamps. Here is a couple of pics.

              This was no peanuts.
              Mike Green
              Mike Green


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                Do not use the acetelyne torch to reheat your pizza, unless you like the taste of acetelyne. Don't ask me how I know.
                Or program the microwave injector for the fusion reactor for more than 100 milliseconds when heating a danish in the waveguide.
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                  Wasn't smashed, just in a hurry.

                  That must have been some glue-up job. I do like the clamps. They would come in very handy for some of the jobs around here. I'll have to keep a look out for a few.