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    Wow, I was watching the History Channel on Monday and they had the history of machine tools under "Modern Marvels". Showed some of the old tools at the American Precision Museum in Vermont. They also went to the Cincinati Museum with tons of old film footage of the machines either being made or in production. They spoke of old post drills, shapers and planers. Quite a good show, I'm going to have to keep an eye on these programs in the future. They usually repeat this stuff so hopefully some of you can watch it too. You might be able to buy it on video if you are really interested.


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    Where was that Vermont museum? I visited a museum at Shelburne, VT many years ago. Don't recall any precision machining stuff, but that was before I developed an interest in metalworking. It did have a lot of woodworking stuff.. planes, etc. Was immensely interesting. I'd like to see it again.
    I've seen other machining related programs on History channel from time to time. It's unquestionably my favorite channel.

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    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      If I've got it correctly, it is Windsor VT.


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        Route 5 in Windsor VT., about six miles from my dear home. This place is the MECCA for us machinists. They have BRIDGEPORT Serial #1 on display, looks like the most recent ones but for a very few changes. Probably about 200 different machines currently on display, the machinist hall of fame in the front, a great bookshop, and some paintings of that great machinist (more known as a painter, but in our area a machinist first)Maxwell Parish on display as well.

        My favorite machine there is lathe about say 14 feet long set on granite as a base.

        There are also some very interesting items in the library, including the first "Hartness" patent drawings - Hartness being the guy who invented the turrett lathe.

        They has a "Lincoln" Continential history exhibit there two years back, and each October they host a model machine (things like small scale machine replicas, anud motors and such). What a blast. They also have so many machines....great place.

        What you see in the exhibits is far fom the entire collection, there are three floors above this they are currently cataloging and preparing for exhibit of some real neat machines.

        It was my pleasure to know Ed battison, the founder for a few years, and now I am but a visitor and will pay for a membership this year so I may spend some time again on the upper floors rebuilding these magnificent machines yet to be displayed.
        CCBW, MAH


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          What is a membership cost? If I get down there, I have to make it worth my time and see all the shiney stuff!


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            Yes History is a great channel, watch it often.

            Paul G.
            Paul G.