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  • Want to post pictures?


    I think many of us like looking at pictures on this board and occassionally we would like to post pictures ourselves. For those who are unable to host pictures themselves, I would like to offer this service (for free of course). I have about 10M that I can use, so if you want your pictures posted, please e-mail the pictures along with the name of the thread, and I'll be glad to do it.

    e-mail: [email protected]


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    Aren't we "CANUCKS" nice people?


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      Hey guys,

      Alistair is the only one who have so far made the request (we'll be seeing his shop soon ). C'mon guys, send me your pictures so that we can see what you're up to.

      Thrud, send me a picture of you drinking chocolate milk or better yet eating meatload



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        What makes you think we're doing anything besides sitting at the computer yakkin with you guys?

        I would like to see some pictures of people with some of those favorite machines and projects.



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          If I sent you a picture of me eating meatloaf I would be in a Dentist chair getting new teeth.

          I have 30Mb of web space available that I have not bothered with - much like an electronic camera. I would have to think then and it makes my head wait - that's beating it against the wall, I get those confused these days.


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            NO NO NO Please don't anyone post a picture of Thrud. The mental image I have is just too damn good. Like reading a good book and being disappointed by the movie.


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              Kap was kind enough to post my biography


              Frankly, the minatures don't do me justice...

              I just love Rugby (insert evil grin here)

              [This message has been edited by Thrud (edited 04-04-2003).]


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                Bonnie Boys there is not a camera on this planet, that has a lense,which is wide enough to get a single shot of thruds sisters meatloaf in one swipe. You would have to eject it into outer space and view it through the hubble telescope.Ihave a small replica of one here, somewhere on the mantlepiece thrud sent me once. That stuff is off the indentation scale when it comes to hardness and I have the teeth to prove it.(all sitting neatly beside it on the mantlepiece.)Alistair
                Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease