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  • Heck of a **** Job

    Am stripping wallpaper mwith my lovely wife. It is the gnarliest crap ive ever encountered. It is behing scraped after fabric softener spray and water soaking along with a mini steam generator. Still ultra sucks major. How do you get the evil wallpaper off the walls? Any ideas Gentlemen???

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    Have you tried your 4in grinder yet? with a wire cup wheel.

    seriously you need to run the pinwheel over the wallpaper first to get it full of holes so that the steam will penetrate behind the paper to loosen the glue.
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      Mike...My wife is an expert at this(vinyl). She's done prolly thousands of square feet of this. I bought her one of those steamers but she prefers to use an ordinary electric kettle. Puts it at the bottom of the wall and moves it back and forth til the bottom gives way. Props the loose part out from the wall then lets the kettle boil away up under the "cavity". She just tugs on it a bit once in awhile and it comes off. Then she washes the wall with hot water to remove the glue. She's done four houses really big one that was all vinyl....ain't I lucky!
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        Oh yeah, wallpaper. When you want it to stay, it falls off the wall. When you wanna remove it you gotta remove the wall.

        I ended up with one of these wallpaper scoring deals. Dunno if it was this unit but real similar. It scores the paper so the removing liquid can get under the paper to the glue. I ran it over the paper in a serious manner, gets out some aggressions too. Works good. JRouche
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          If it is vinyl, you can just peel the vinyl off the backing paper, then soak/steam the backing paper off the plaster.
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            Did you put a little liquid dish soap in the water? Supposedly it cuts grease and oil residue that prevents the water from soaking into the old paper. It makes water wetter.
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              Wall paper scoring

              Well i have a wallpaper scoring tool. Lucky i can mix some dura bond 90 up and fix all the **** holes it put into the drywall. It has gotta be the nastiest wallpaper ive ever seen. I fear it. First time in my life anything ever scared me (besides my wife when shes angry at me) I was hoping for a secret formulae that would dissolve the evil glue. So far soak steam and small scraper. I am not exaggerating its going onwards of a Year to do this big bedroom. Yeah i know our house is gigantic but we are hoping to get dave cofer and his charming wife to move on up with us in canada. Need the space for all his neat junk.


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                This post has caused a temporary suspension of your man card. Please step to the side for further processing.

                My wife used a steamer. What kind or where she got it??
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                  "This post has caused a temporary suspension of your man card. Please step to the side for further processing. "

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                    another way for the moisture to break through the outer coating is to load some coarse sandpaper on a pole sander and go once over the room. it'll scratch the protective surface of the wallpaper enough to let the moisture in. i've done a lot of renos and never bothered with steam, scratch it up, sponge it and wait a bit - let the water and time do the work. then again that's only my experience, you may have the paper from hell.

                    also, if you don't have some, get those razor blade scrapers, they take a 4" blade or so with a foot long handle. something like this

                    after you've got it scraped, then real ugly job starts, washing the glue off. tsp works well iirc.
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                      As someone already mentioned, if it's vinyl you can peel the vinyl off of the paper and skip the scoring step. Once you have done that Zinsser makes a product that dissolves the glue, it's called DIF. I usually apply it with a pump up sprayer.

                      Let that work for a half hour or so and the paper that is left will come off easily with a wide putty knife.

                      If you can't get the vinyl to peel off it will still work but you have to let it sit longer and probably apply a couple of times.

                      Once you have the paper off you need to clean the walls with the same stuff and a rag. Any leftover glue will make it hard to get paint to stick.



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                        never mind taking off the old paper just paper over it my current house has one hundred and seventy three layers of paper the living room is smaller by two feet either way luverly laziness is next to happiness Alistair
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                          hand grenade, dynamite, blow torch and fire department. Or you could sell the house and move. That is the reason we have wood paneling through out the house. I love wood walls.
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                            Our nice little 1948 all-plaster on lath house had wallpaper on every wall. Not a speck of paint in the place, and, it was almost all original. The flocked cloth stuff pulled right off, but the paper stuff? uggh.

                            What ended up working beautifully was a pinprick multi roller tool and a solution called "DIF", both made by Zinsser. You roll the pricker all over an area, hose it down with DIF, and then use a (this is important) a 3" flat blade razor scraper. Once you get the technique wired, it comes off as fast as you can go. After the paper is all off, We go over with a coarse sponge and more DIF, using the razor scraper as needed to get all the glue.

                            After skimming all the damage with setting type drywall mud, I sanded all the walls, then gave everything a coat of Zinsser B.I.N. pigmented shellac primer. This seals any residual wallpaper glue so the paint doesn't reactivate it.

                            Then I caulk every inch of trim-to-wall or trim-to-trim with vinyl caulk and tool the joints. Finally, 2 coats of Benjamin Moore eggshell finish paint, and I cut all the lines with a brush, not tape.

                            It takes longer, looks great, and wears very very well.
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                              I'm a licensed professional painting contractor and I can not improve upon the advice previously given ....

                              Is there anything you guys don't know about?