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    Need your help in finding a Bosch part.
    It is the same as a Lovejoy spider,but is made by bosch.
    Only info I have is the # on the plastic insert X38.
    Tried the Bosch site with no luck.If anyone can help please let me know.
    ps The part came from some Shrimp plant equipment that was made in Europe.
    please visit my webpage:

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    I have had the same problem before an odd metric jaw coupling,what I did was take a thick piece of rubber and bandsawed out a piece slightly oversize and belt sanded to shape a lot easier than you might think.You also might try a company called US SUBACHI they make all kinds of couplings both inch and metric.Yet another option is try a differnet mfg.Browning,Boston Gear,Woods and Martin sprocket all make jaw couplings,but other sizes and types.If yo want you can fax or e-mail me a drawing of what it looks like with some dim.and I will try to match it up for you.
    I just need one more tool,just one!