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Old time gear cutting machines......

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  • Old time gear cutting machines......

    Has anyone ever seen one of these machines in real life?


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    No, but they are cool. Seems like a good price too. Like that site, by the way- thanks for the link.


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      Mike: The Mack truck company in Dunellon new Jersy (wherethey made transmissions for mack trucks) had someold gear cutting machines at least simular to the first you show. Not in use. I did a elevated water tank there and the Plant Engineer showed me around. He said some of theold stuff thatwas no longer in use was capable of ding everything his modern stuff could do andmaybe more. Problem was no one was profecient, but some time they pressed into service by the maintenace men. That was about 1955. I would put those machines around the late 1800 to early 1900's. So we see how inflation has worked- they were very expensive then. Inflation cancles past debts!.



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        Yep, actually stood in front of one and made chips,thing worked like a champ.The one in the first link was more of a mill attachment.I liked it the thing was simple as a wagon to use and I think the best feature is that it could use any change gear off a lathe to index the blank,you could also use two or three gears for a half way compound index.The second type I used but it was a Betts verticle shaper,not strickly a gear cutting machine but it did a excellent jod of it and had a much larger capacity.

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        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          No, but I have seen some Gleasons. Just the thing for scarfing out a hypoid bevel gear. Never played with them, but they are fun to watch work.