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Pictures of Alistair's shop

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    I have a picture of him if you like, but it is not as prurdy as the shop!


    Instantly loads on my service. Nice job!


    You should have Albert put your Lorch Lathe up after you get rid of that ugly plastic handle your wife forced you to put on it.

    Only kidding Bronwen! I know its Alistair's fault. )

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      Dave I got rid of it I put your sisters meatloaf on top of the toolpost now and it has never moved a bit just with the weight of it but I have a deep bow in the bed now actually its just as well because bronwen was holding it with her dentures till I thought of that trick just kidding dear I know there all your own ouch
      Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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        If you look close at picture 029 you can see someone in the window taking the picture, I assume its allistar...You look much better than Thrud...

        That is a beautiful looking home...I love it...I also love the rug next to the woodtruck...good looking shop...

        Next time take a picture of yourself.....



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          Here's a picture of Alistair himself with his son.

          Bigger Picture


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            Alistair: You have ruined me!!!!! My fault though. Wife ohs over house, wonders if shop ever is covered with saw dust, tells me who wouldlove to havethe truck. But she really wants the doll house!

            How will you atone for the damge you have done?

            I knda liked it too!. envy is a horrible emotion to unleash.


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              Your shop looks very familiar, It's the one I dream about. Very nice it must be a pleasure to work in.

              Paul G.
              Paul G.


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                Hmmmmm......Let me guess???

                Alistair is the one with the beard.....Right??



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                  Rpease no wrong I'm the one in the middle thanks for nice comments guys Steve I'll send you a picture of the rocking horse you can make one of those for your grandchildren.Alistair
                  Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                    That's a proper shop and a proper house. I really like the quality of the tools. Not much there from Harbor Freight. Professional quality everywhere. Looks well lit and the dust control is working. There are nice rubber floor mats to keep your feet comfy. Lots of storage bins. Every tool is in easy reach. I think I would be happy there. The only thing I would add to the shop is a fireplace and a cot not too far from the wood bin. And maybe a mini fridge. (It would have to be mini.) I don't think I could get used to warm beer.


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                      Alistar, That is a very nice picture of you and your son. Dave


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                        Thank you Dave very kind words .Yes I have three sons and very proud of all of them,and there not too old to be told it my their dad.That's my oldest son Alistair he is the lawyer.In the photograduating (I proudly add with honours) from his university .I am very proud to say to my friends that he has just received the news that he has just been accepted for the Inns of court at the inner temple in london and will go back to do a post graduate degree and become a Barrister of law I am not sure what the equivelent is in America but he is a good lad as are the others and I love them all more than words can say.Alistair
                        Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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                          Here in Alberta we have LLB and LLD. The LLB is a post graduate course as it requires a previous 4 year degree (BA, BCom, or BSc.) The LLD is doctorate level. Either can teach, but to practice they are required to practice as an apprentice with a firm and later write the Alberta Bar exam. They are also required to pay yearly fees to the Bar Association or their membership lapses and they are required to rewrite the Bar Exam after taking a one year course.


                          Don't let Alistair fool you, His entire family are scholars. His wife has some research tomes published in her field of study. Takes smart people to make smart offspring.

                          I have to be content with my good looks.

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