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Powder coat generator used as EDM?

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    Thanks for the info. I am looking forward to building this project. Just what the doctor ordered!
    Bob Smith


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      Ballistic Bob

      Yeah man - add ons!


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        I just re read my post- was dead on my feet when I wrote it.corrected for content and spelling it should read :
        "bob- you asked thrud, but here is what I think: The modifications add to the old EDM published in HSM and in book form by HSM. I think, if you have the old EDM, you can add the new changes and still use ALL the old stuff. Lang.. has not really done the mods yet. He has planned many mods. I think it will take in excess of a year to get the whole thing published. HSM is way too thin and too seldom published. Two months is a long wait. But I intend to follow the series with interst."

        Point I was trying to make was/is: Buy the book, make the machine, add the mods as they appear- but wait till the group reviews the published articles and you may save some time. It will be too long (a year i predict) before the final mod is published. Based on the book (which I purchased and read, but have not built from) the mods should be worth while. I WOULD add an isolation transformer no matter what is published. OSO gets so excited when they leave dangerous things in print- I fear for his blood pressure if HSM does it again