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  • Leaking

    Well off topic sorry. BUT first snow covered roof vents on house roof. Ceiling destroyed. Then today working in shop redoing wiring to 60 amp service with a new 100 amp panel. Drip Drip **** another leak. I have these low regular type roof vents installed and snow covers em and then i end up with snow in the attic which melts into the house garage. Any ideas guys? This is the new roof just done two years ago. The roofer came back took ice of spread calciumn onto the house roof and then told me its a act of god?? $100 cash later hes gone. Now i got the same thing on shop roof and i also just climbed up on the house roof again to scrape it off they were covered again ****. Help any ideas??

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    Bogus roof vents? Or installation?


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      do you have a photo of your type of roof vents? I have lived through some harsh winters, and never seen a problem with leaky roof vents. My gut feel is your roofer did a piss poor job.
      -Dan S.


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        Did they install them facing the right way... mean the vent facing towards the eve. I've had my vents under a 18"+ of snow and not had them leak. But I feel your pain... I hate leaks.
        Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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          Are these the metal ones? Or the roofpeak vents?

          Are you CERTAIN the leak is thru the vent....? Not the usual ice dams?

          What always worked for us up north was:

          1) good insulation in attic to prevent warming up the roof

          2) having a fairly steep roof to begin with

          3) a long pole to poke holes in the ice dams

          4) Double felt, or flashing , up about 6 feet or more from roof edge.

          If the vents are leaking water AROUND the vent, and not through it, then the roofer didn't do a good job.

          Leaking THROUGH the vents sounds like a lousy vent, or one applied totally wrong, for the metal ones

          I can't see how enough snow can come through them to make a ceiling-ruining flood...... snow is much bulkier than water, it takes a lot of snow to make a little water.

          Keep eye on ball.
          Hashim Khan


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            Leaking AGAIN

            The roof vents are the four sided square plastic type. The snow covered them up pretty good, Well other day Yesterday iom in the shop trying to get mmy vfd norton grinder going (working well thanx to David Cofer ) and waters leaking in the ceiling again. Now im up on the roof all dressed up just headin out for dinner shoveling like crazy. Now leaking today in another spot. Help im pissed of two years old and just ****, Vents are the same all around . each side of them is the same as the others just mesh and capped to keep snow rain out . But snow had 4 feet in attic below the vents HUH<


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              Leaking roof vents....

              If I'm understanding your description properly, you have the cheap plastic attic vents that are open on 4 sides, snow penetrates them & accumulates in the attic space and melts; not just a case of water leakage around or thru the vent. Right?
              This would seem to be an improper application for this type of vent given how much snow you get. A better type of vent to use would be the "goose neck" type of ventilator (very common metal vent) or one of those turbine type whirly vents.
              I've had to make reproductions of some interesting types of attic vents, including some weather-cocking type attic vents for a Pythian Knights hall in Vancouver.
              Hope that helps.


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                Unless you specified that vent... what I'd do is try and take a photo of the snow in the attic under the vent. Then contact the roofers and tell them to replace the cheap azz plastic vents for some proper ones and cough up for the ceiling repairs as well. Mine are aluminum square hat style and the ridge side is protected inside of it. Also I'd try not to climb around on a cold roof the shingles tend to crack instead of flexing like they do when they are warm if you happen to step on the wrong spot. So it seems you always end up with more leaks then you started with .
                Wow... where did the time go. I could of swore I was only out there for an hour.


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                  If the roof is 2 years old, what happened last year?

                  If no leaks last year, what's different this year? More snow?

                  But I think I would not have specified that vent. We have metal mushroom vents and no hassles.

                  Keep eye on ball.
                  Hashim Khan


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                    It all depends. (sorry, had to get that out of my system)

                    Havent read the entire post but if you have conventional shingles and the roofer didn't put down some "Ice Guard" around the edges of the roof then you got cheated. It sounds like you have what we call in Buffalo area an "ice dam". The roof over the house is warmer and the snow melts and runs down until it comes to the area of the roof overhang. The overhang being cooled on the back side allows Ice to build up causing a dam. This allows water to backup underneath the shingles untill it eventually reaches the seam of the tar roofing paper. Nowadays they put down the first, sometimes second rolls of sticky type roofing tar paper along the periphery of the roof and this works really well. The paper is pricey at around $50.00 per 36 foot roll. If you have rock salt fill up a pair of panythose and lay it above the ice build up and it will eventually allow the water to escape. Don't use the "fishnet" type pantyhose as you're just inviting trouble

                    The NorthEast is loaded up with the cheap 4 sided roof vents you described and they are almost never the problem. In fact, around here the snow is normally melted off around them for maybe 12 inches.
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                      FOUR FEET of snow in the attic? There has been some seriously bad weather in Ontario this winter but that is ridiculous. Come good weather Mike you are going to have to rethink and redo the venting system so snow can't drift inside.

                      My house has large louvered triangular wall vents only at the ends of the attic at the peaks under the overhangs and continuous soffit vents. Never had any problems.
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                        Four Feet Yup

                        A pile under each roof vent Evan which completely filled a 5 gallon pail packed tight. This was one of twpo bucket loads. Only under the vents. Weird eh?