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  • cnc mill drill

    has any one converted a milldrill to cnc I
    did mine and it works ok does anyone have any suggestions my biggest complaint is that it's slow and not very powerful
    any coments or suggestions are welcome

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    There is a recent series in HSM about converting a mill driil to CNC. See how what you did compares to his for motors, etc.


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      For the best group on Home Brew CNC, go to...

      Tom M.


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        Some potential causes and solutions.

        - You're PC is not stepping the motor quickly enough (I'm assuming that PC is doing the stepping through the parallel port). Not much you can do here since parallel port on PC isn't very fast and getting a faster PC won't help much. You'll need to off load the stepping function to a dedicated controller which has a dedicated stepper controller, and you're PC will simply send instruction to the controller.

        - You'll need a bigger stepper motor to make the CNC more powerful and faster (in conjuction with a more coarse leadscrew).

        - Stepper motors looses a lot of torque at high speed, so if you want speed and power, you'll need to use a servo motor.



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          Rotate, HUH? my bridgeport moves as fast as it did with the Boss 6 controls. I am using gecko drives with the factory nema 42 steppers.
          I have problems sometimes outrunning the stepper, careful accell and decell has helped thou.
          I have a 2.4 gig intel, factory port.