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2 inch pipe couplings,

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  • 2 inch pipe couplings,

    Do not a cathead make.
    Didn't even think about the seam in them, today when I picked one up.
    Mounted it on the OD. in the 4jaw,faced& turned to clear away the internal threads for a length, so that I could then get a good hold on the ID.
    While skimming the OD., I stopped to check the progress, and noticed
    the weld seam had cracked open, so I took another cut for a short length
    and could still see the line of the seam.
    Oh well, just more wasted time and $. crap

    Guess I'll have to find a more suitable piece of stock, thicker wall and
    NO SEAM! pretty stupid now that I think of it,trying to use something
    with a welded seam that would be cut away! DOH

    Just a catheads up for anyone else thinking of doing this, DONT!
    Mike Green OOPS
    Mike Green

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    i think u'd have better luck with male male couplers - or just a short length of pipe. You should be able to find steel gas pipe in 2" and that stuff turns nicely. I've used 2" schd 40 gas pipe for all sorts of stuff. Actually i've used everything from 1/2" up to 3" and it turns as well as any of the hot rolled stuff i've used. Better than some in fact. I think those couplings are actually cast but i could be wrong.


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      Schedule 80 steel pipe might be just the ticket, especially if you can find a place that will sell it by the foot. I've used it for ornamental rings, and some types don't even have a visible seam.


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        The "couplings" which come on a new stick of pipe are thread protectors. We cannot use them in a gas line. I cut the ends so they will stack and keep them by the press. For gas fitting we use domestic pipe, as the overseas crap will tear the dies out of our threader. Years ago when I piped up ammonia ref. systems I used sched. 80 seamless. That was nice pipe!


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          .............That stuff is so variable that buying the same item at a different store can net you a totally suitable piece. Not only made by a different company, but made in a different country! I was making some lube extruders and the bodies were made from sch 40 black steel 1" pipe. In the same bin of 36" lengths was pipe with a weld bead that extended well into the pipe's ID. Some others had a barely discernable bump. Those were the ones I picked out.

          The machining operation was to part off the threaded ends then turn the outside smooth and part them off into 6" lengths. Then each piece was chucked and bored smooth inside. Not a sign of a visible seam remained inside or out.

          Another time I was using cast pipe caps to make sample moulds for some lead hardness testers. These things were so variable in quality as to be amazing. It was a concern. I had a threaded piece of pipe chucked and threaded the cap on. Then I turned the rim true round and faced across the bottom to create a flat. Then the cap itself was chucked and the threads were bored out and a facing cut across the inside bottom was made, so a flat surface for an impression could be made on the lead sample slug.

          I'd just grabbed 20 out of the bin at Lowes. I had some with 'Thailand' cast in around the body and others with 'China' cast in relief across the bottom. The Chinese ones were so thin below the threads that facing across the bottom almost had the centersection fall out. No way you could create an internal flat.

          Son of the silver stream ..... Bullet caster.


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            Got some better stock.

            Schd 40 2 1/2" pipe, seems work ok, as the weld seam is on the ID.
            I used the dremel with the tiny grinding/cut off wheel, to grind away the weld for about a 1/2" at each end.
            Then mounted in the 4jaw in the ID, faced off & trued the ID to where the weld was ground off, and trued the OD.
            Flipped it end for end, and faced off that end.
            Layed out for the screw holes, drilled and tapped for 1/4"-28.
            Final OD 2 7/8" which will fit nicely in the steady that I just picked up from Tools4cheap for my south bend 10L.
            Mike Green

            Mike Green


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              That sure is purty!

              I think i'm like a 'coon. I like shiny stuff - especially freshly machined shiny stuff.