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Ebay item- what is this?

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  • Ebay item- what is this?

    It looks like fun, it's only $25, and it has a gauge on it, but I can't tell what they are.

    (No connection to the seller, but I bought something from them a while back and had excellent service.)
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    Snap gauges, for go and no-go.
    Notice the 2 anvils on the fixed gauges, if the part goes between the first but not the last it usually means its good, if it goes through both then it usually means its's too small.

    From what I can see the one with the dial is also a snap gauge but for a small size with an adjustable range (via the thumbwheel at the bottom). The button should lift the spring loaded anvil to enable the part to pass between the jaws, the spring will close it back down, and the dial will indicate whether it is within the acceptable range.



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      i know a guy up the road from me (about a mile) that has a billion of them in every size imaginable in his shed. if anyone is interested i can check the sizes and prices. they are pretty much obsolete in industry today.

      i have no connections to the gent, i just thought it fit in with the topic.

      andy b.
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        Not where I work, Andy b

        Andy, I work in a small gear prouduction shop & our inspectors set snap gages up for the operators in the cnc turning dept. quite often. They are a fast & easy way for operators check that the parts they are making stay in spec. They are especially usefull when we get busy & hire "temps" for operators, many of which don't have a clue who to properly use or read a mic.