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Anyone know the going price for scrap yard aluminum?

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    Originally posted by JCHannum

    I go there every time I get back to South Jersey.
    Yep and the last time I was there they even had weights and Measures seals on the scales!!!
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      Fazzio the guy in Glassboro?

      I should go look sometime - the Local guy here in SI, JP Salvage, while having a fairly decent selection, is fairly high - was getting .50/lb for rusty steel, and that was before the price started skyrocketing.

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        To try to answer some questions.

        Was the stuff clean,,,,yes and no. First they charge the same for all the same type. Second they have a massive yard. Is about 100 acres. They pile what they want to sell in piles by type. Not by mixture like 6061 but alum. is alum. What I got was drops as they had tons of it in piles.

        Some of this stuff is very corroded some is cleaner. Its all kept outside in full weather.

        It is not like there is any shortage in their yard. They have hundreds of tons of everything.

        I have bought there before and have an account with them. (May be the daily sucker account) but I have it just the same. They do separate and have under roof brass, copper, tit and mag. These are their high price stuff and is protected.

        As you travel deaper in the yard you get closer to the piles ready to ship out. They have piles taller than a 4 story building ready to ship out. You are allowed to grab anything and pay their price. I got channel 2"wide, rusty this was most of the metal (steel) I got.

        They have piles of stainless next to the alum.

        Bottom line I did pay too much but it was there and I wanted it. I spent an hour digging for it, waited to get it weighed was I just going to drop it and say NO Thanks! Was I pleased with the price NO Way. Was I going to argue?, not after what I went to get it.

        Like I said I have a daily sucker account!
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          Originally posted by Fasttrack
          Shoot - scrapyard near hear charges $0.30/lb for scrap steel. I haven't complained because i sat down and figured out that it was still 750% cheaper than what the going rate for round rod at home depot was. Plus, HD only carries up to 1/2" now, so the junkyard is the only place i've found thats close and has 2" and larger round "in stock".

          Should i be trying to haggle this guy down? I don't think it'll work - i'm just a skinny kid after all. He'll tell me to beat it and not come back.
          Fasttrack,that is a fair price,we charge $0.40/lb for "surplus"I.E. usable scrap at work,new drops run $0.60/lb.

          My only advice when buying mystery metal at the junkyard is bring a file so you can see if it's machinable.If a file won't cut it,your bandsaw won't either.
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            Dunno what the scrap aluminum price is since they keep giving the stuff to me

            I did buy three rolls of aluminum mig wire today for the spool gun,4043 .030" cost $7.00/roll.
            I just need one more tool,just one!


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              Ontario Aluminumn Scrap Price

              6061 alloy is .85 cents a pound. Yet 70 series is .60 cents a pound. Just bought a 100 pound Chunk of 7076 al for $60.00


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                My favorite scrap yard posts all their prices on the wall their office for everybody to see. If your scrap yard does not do something similar, I'd question their intentions.

                A little over a year ago I was paying $1.00 per lb. for aluminum salvage. The last time I bought it had shot up to $1.50. It wouldn't surprise me if it is close to $2.00, now.

                Many years ago Boeing Surplus was charging $2.00 per pound for aluminum. I bought some 3.5" thick plate from them and was happy to get it for that price.

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                  I would guess that Boeing Surplus aluminum is identifiable as to alloy. In that case it's a bargain, especially for the more exotic grades.
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                    Thanks all for the slap to the pants after I gave it to myself as well.
                    I will call around since I know I bought a plate of 6061 (was marked) 4x6 sheet and it cost me 20.00
                    the more I think the more I know I overpaid. I am going to call the yard I just got it from later this week just being nosey and ask their price for drops and see what they say it is per pound.

                    Next thing what if they tell me .90 a lb. Really nothing I can do as they charge what they charge. Not sure what rights I have other than to not go there anymore.
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                      As fate has it I just met the owner of a large scrap yard in York. Of course not wanting to let this get by me, after we were done with our business (full time job) I asked him what he would charge me for alum drops. He said 70-80 cents per lb. I did fall out of the chair! Was not a pretty sight. I had him repeat it as he is Eastern European. He said between .70-.80 a lb. We talked for a while and I told him I paid 2 bucks a pound in Columbia and he said from SAUD right? Yard owners name, I said yep. He said whenever whatever I want he will sell it to me for the real sell price and he said his scales are legal unlike the other guy.

                      He also said I should have paid .10 lb for steel not .35

                      So again a day late and $200.00 short but now I have a source.

                      Moral of the story,, Never go to the track with me along unless you want your horse to slip, break a leg, snap it's neck, and run backwards!
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                        Klem: good to hear you found a yard that is selling at good prices.
                        But to help you feel better.
                        I just picked up a couple pieces of aluminum for a projct . The yard I go to is up to $2.50LB. IIRC that is a $0.75 jump from several months ago. Taking about sucking up the gravy!!. The flip side is the one piece is marked so no mystey metal and the same pieces at McMaster car would have cost me three times as much.
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