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  • Grinder work head

    Well between finishing up our Belt Sanders. I got a little domeon my grinder work head for 5c collets I am building . Here are some pictures of progress .

    Here I am graduating the indexer dial.

    Turning the swivel boss on work head body. Using boreing head in mill.

    Unit simi assembled Got all graduations etched and stamped. Nexk to make is index bracket and pin then draw tube for collet then clean and paint.

    More to come I`m getting better at this yall think.
    Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self

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    nice job

    but why the massive boring bar ...
    over-counter-balanced ...or is that all you had .

    perhaps its just your super accurate way of working

    why didn't you just have a short tool hanging down from the hole underneath the boring head.

    would that upset the balance

    just interested in tips here and finding out why,where and when rather than criticising...dont mean to offend.

    All the best..mark


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      Well the boring head would not get out past 3 inchs and had to streach tool out so it would get down 5/8 inch with out bottom of head hitting part. And it was only bar i had that would fit head that i could put a tool bit in. I had an attachment at work that would have worked but that was Sat .and no attachment . but i have needed it twice an the last month at home so i brought it home to day ,Havent used it at work in a few years any way. Its Heck having to have two compleat sets of tools. One at work another at home Probley 100thousand dollars worth all total.
      Every Mans Work Is A Portrait of Him Self


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        Really nice work, Lane. That's going to look even nicer than the commercial equivalents. My Unihead before cleanup is below, for those who want to see a commercial example. The Unihead comes with a notched disk and a masking plate for same that covers the common 2, 4, and 6 flute end mills. Having actual graduations like you made is even nicer. I think I have all of the available add-on disks for mine, but its nice to be able to just use graduations some times.

        Is the t-slot on top for holding a tool indexing finger? The unihead has a maybe 5/8 bore for same and then a flat spot with a tapped hole on top that I never really ever figured out.

        What sort of indexing head are you using in the picture? I have one on my list of "would like to have's" and am always soliciting opinions.

        Paul Carpenter
        Mapleton, IL