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VFD Programming for Bridgeport

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  • VFD Programming for Bridgeport

    I just purchased a Bridgeport Series 1 J Head and am planning to run the 3phase 220 1 hp motor off a VFD (Teco FM100 2HP) from single phase 220 circuit.

    While the hook-up and programming directions look quite straightforward, there is very little practical information in the VFD manual about the best way to run a piece of equipment like this.

    Rather than just hooking it up and running from the defaults, does anyone out there have some practical information for doing the set-up? Specifically, how do you get the best performance out of the mill/VFD combination of speed settings and step pulley settings if you want to use the VFD as the primary speed varying method (Run the motor fast and step the pully speed down, or run the motor slower and step the speed up, etc?) What is a realistic speed range or limits to expect? (Low end-high end percentages in frequency) What about practical v/f curves?

    Also when is the braking resistor needed? I understand the concept, but the manual is vague at best at telling one when to use one.

    What is experience with speed accel and decel settings?

    Any advice to help this newbie out would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! John

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    I think you'll find that, although quite usable at low frequencies, the motor will be happier the closer you stay to 60Hz.

    I've run mine down to 10Hz successfully, but I generally try to set up the belts so I don't need to go below 20Hz, and 30Hz is better.

    You don't need the braking resistor for normal operation, only if you want to stop the spindle "really quickly." I think I've got mine programmed for a 2-second ramp-down or something, and it's fine without a resistor.

    I likewise chose what seemed like a reasonable ramp-up (a second or two), just enough to make it not sudden-on, and that seems fine.

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      I installed a toshiba vfd on my machine. The fan is the critical item to be concerned about. Running the motor under load at a slower speed will not circulate the air through the motor it needs.

      I am using a 10 turn potiemeter to control speed, have the buttons on the head to start and stop a cube relay(holding circuit) and use a 2 wire type control to the vfd. I also start disengage the brake on my machine with the same relay. and the .. coolant, and the way oiler. My machine has the pneumatic speed adjustor on the head not the V-belts tho.
      Mine works great, I paid about 240 for the vfd. Braking resistor? why do you need to slam it to a stop, use the decell, thou the pneumatic brake makes my vfd fault at times when it is in manual.