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How long do you wait for Ebay purchase

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  • How long do you wait for Ebay purchase

    I bought a part for my lathe off Ebay a couple of weeks ago and paid right a way with paypal. I have Emailed the seller three times asking if he has shipped with no responce. How long do you wait before you notifie Ebay that you did not recieve your purchase? Gary P. Hansen
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    Hi Gary. Two weeks is a long time with no communication. As a buyer on an auction you can get the sellers contact information. Many times I have done that and there was a good telephone number there. It has helped. JRouche
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      Enter a dispute with Ebay right away. I waited too long after a tool seller on Ebay named 800watt took my money but never shipped me my item and I got burned on it. I think you have 30 days to notify them but you better check on it.

      Paul T.


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        Hope you did not buy from milissa 07 may never get it. Contact your seller
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          I had a similar problem with Smolk Tool (AKA Collet King). I paid immediately after purchase with included instruction to call/email with tracking number so I could make sure I was here. No response for several days. So email again, and again, and again. So I track down his phone number based on name/location and call, get the answering machine. Leave message, after message... Finally I get home one day to find a box setting outside. To make matters worse, one collet appears to have had a 1/4" angle grinder used to open up the keyway, total junk. Called for a replacement, and called, and called... Finally got someone, and he blew me off. Said if I didn’t like it, I could pay to ship THE WHOLE SET BACK and he would “evaluate” it for refund. No discussion about replacing the collet, it was pay to ship the whole set of 30 collets back for a *possible* refund or nothing. Shipping cost more than the collet, so I just ate it and resolved never to purchase from the SOB again.

          Point is, if they won’t respond, your probably dealing with a jackass like Smolk. IF you get it, your likely screwed anyway. So IMO you should treat it as such and open a complaint with ebay as soon as the deadline for doing so passes.
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            Good advice so far. Go into eBay and read the dispute console stuff. There is a limited time that you can file a complaint. I also had a bad episode. I submitted a complaint with about 2 days to go. In the end, I never got the item and they were able to get me some of the money back.

            With paypal, you will need to read thier site and find out how to play that game.

            None the less, file now. You can (with ebay) reteact the complaint if the seller has only forgot and gets your stuff shipped when he gets the 1st warning.
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              That's odd - I've bought from colletking several times and always gotten the product as described and shipped pretty quickly, to boot.

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                I did a no receive on one seller,You know it locks there paypal account so they can't get any money out.I have gotten a lot more from this same seller.He now answerers my emails and gives me a good feed back.You need to do it now,Don't wait till its to late....


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                  The shipping time frame was not the problem, and all collets but one were fine. The absolute and total disregard for communications as well as the crap collet he sent and then stone-walled on correcting was the problem. There is no way he missed the emails, voicemails, OR the obviously ground all to hell collet he sent me. Then offering only the "all or nothing" resolution that would leave me some $40 in the hole *IF* he decided to refund the cost (since he refused to cover ANY shipping, I would have ANOTHER $20 shipping to get them back if he refused to pay) of the collets was the final straw.

                  But this is getting way OT, if you want to discuss the details, send me a PM...
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                    I've had this happen a few times and the guy was taken ill and was in hospital but I think it's a week or ten days with no response and ebay write to them and gee them up.Alistair
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                      I agree that you should file a dispute if you don't get the merchandise and if you can't get the seller to respond.

                      Nothing bothers me more than a seller (or buyer) who won't communicate with me. It drives me crazy.

                      In some cases, sellers with a high volume just don't take the time to respond, but still ship the merchandise. It's still frustrating if you can't get any information.


                      I recently made a $130 purchase. The seller mailed it, but it never arrived. He would not respond to my e-mails and would not provide tracking info. I finally filed a dispute and that got his attention. Even so, he was unwilling to refund my money or even suggest a compromise, so the matter is now in PayPal's hands.


                      Some eBay sellers just don't understand the importance of fair play and good customer relations.

                      Good luck.
                      James (seatlanta)


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                        I bought some stuff on ebay and paid with Paypal. The next day ebay pulled the sellers ID.

                        Before I bought I looked at the sellers feedback it was like 99.9% for 400 or so feedbacks so I feld good. After ebay pulled his ID sent a couple of emails but no reply from the seller.. So I went to paypal and filed a claim. Paypal said, give them 10 days to check things out and for the seller to reply. The seller never replied. So Paypal refunded 100% of the claim after the 10 days.

                        I later looked more closely at the feedback. It was crap all most all of it was .01 to .05 items listed as feedback builders. So I was scamed but Paypal saved the day for me!



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                          Originally posted by scott96088
                          So Paypal refunded 100% of the claim after the 10 days.

                          Good for you Scott. I only got 75% from paypal when I had to file a claim. They must be getting better. JRouche
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                            I like US Postal Money Orders for just this reason. Its Postal Fraud to use the mail for schemes where you don't deliver a product. It saved my wagon once.
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                              I still haven't gotten any response from the guy in Fla.that has a W/S #3 i won on ebay for 9.99.
                              Last email I got from him was not through ebay saying He didn't know if he could sell it for 9.99.
                              As soon as I could i sent a dispute to Ebay, he hasn't answered them yet either.