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  • OT Mig Wire Properties ...

    I am in the process of buying a mig welder (Hobart 187). I have noticed that apart from aluminum and stainless there are alot of different numbers for steel. I will be welding mild steel with 100% CO2 or a 75 - 25 blend. A friend of mine told me that he really liked 70S-6 wire (is that different than ER70-6). What I need is a chart that tells what these numbers mean.
    What do you guys like? Is .030 wire a good all around size for a mig welder?

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    Bill, that is the same wire which is what I use. Some guys like .030 in the Miller 210. I have always used .035 in my 200 amp Hobart. ER70S-6 is the correct designation.


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      Here you go-|1791|
      I just need one more tool,just one!


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        Bill..."70"= 70,000 psi. "ER" =Electrode/Rod , "S"= solid (as in the wire...opposed to flux core). The "6" would mean the ratio or content of silicas/alloys...other wires are S-2, S-3 etc. That's all I remember without digging through my old welding books.
        ER S-6 is pretty much standard for mickey wire. Less spatter and easier handling with 75/25.
        .030 is a good size depending what you are welding. A bit too heavy for body work but a bit too light for heavier stuff. It'll still do the heavier stuff but you're standin there awhile longer.
        I have tools I don't even know I own...