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  • Simple solution to a tough problem...

    I wish I would have thought of this before. I finally decided to pull the trigger on my blown alky , all aluminum 572 Rodeck racing engine. Been tearing it down and cleaning parts all week. Then comes the head removal...always an ugly job.
    The right side isn't bad. There are two decent sized corners sticking out and you can whack it pretty hard with a small sledge and a wooden block. Still tough but it comes off ok.
    Then there's this dirty pig...the dreaded left side
    There's only this one small corner and it's at a dirty angle that makes it hard to hit it hard. It got the best of me this time...two days of hitting, tugging, heating etc. Nothing wouldn't budge. I sat there trying to figure out how to pry on it...built this thing with a piece of square tube to use with a pry bar...still nothing. Have to be careful with the aluminum.
    Then I tried to figure how to use a small hydraulic room.
    Finally came up with this...and it worked really slick! Just screw up the two nuts at once against the steel plate...put the torch to the bolt bosses and it popped off in about two minutes with little effort on my part.
    I have tools I don't even know I own...

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    Torch and a bigger hammer or more leverage, in this case with screw threads.

    Fix you right up!


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      Soloution ?

      Remove front or rear sparkplug,then put 8 to 10 pumps of grease,
      then turn over with a breakover,or insert approx. 12" of cotton 1/4"
      rope and do the same.

      First post,new to computers please excuse spelling and punctuation.



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        Can't you just remove the head nuts and fire it up?


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          What J.Ramsey said,did it almost the same way,cept I put the piston exactly at TDC,filled the chamber with grease as best as I could,made a fitting for the spark plug hole so that I could hook up a grease gun,locked the crank,and then pumped it off like a hydraulic jack.
          What you did worked well too though,there's always more than one way to skin a cat.Situations like this always deserve a little thought.It's easy to get a bigger hammer but the consequences could prove disastrous.
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            So now the Torker estate is gonna have this curious little triangle with a square tube welded on to it that knowbody is gonna know what its for !! "I don't know but I remember how excited Grandpa was when he came running out of the shop holding it up for all the world to see!" I can see your family fighting over this thing someday!

            J.Ramsey, welcome to the forum and don't worry about the spelling. If all of us who can't spell worried about the spelling there'd only be about 3 guys on the board. The fact is, most will get your drift!
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              Hydraulic Jacking?

              Russ at split overlap (both intake and exhaust valves closed fill cylinder full of oil. Then have a gutted out sparkplug with a fitting to pump oil into cylinder under high pressure using a Grease gun converted to a Hi Pressure oil Gun (aka Guy Lautard) Should work??? Just a idea.


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                Ooops! Shoulda mentioned...I couldn't turn the motor over anyway. A lash cap exploded and (I'm pretty sure) a chunk is stuck in the oil groove on one of the roller lifters. Going to be a challenge to get that out and I'm hoping the lifter bore isn't buggered. Pulling the gear drive out this morning and remove the plug from the through bore to see if I can locate it.
                BTW...I forgot about the rope idea.
                Problem with this motor...extreme cylinder pressure (11.5:1 with 36 pounds of boost) causes the alu around the bolts to work itself into the head stud threads. I've chamfered the top but you can only take so much then cracks will start to show up.
                Hopin that ST. Paddy's Day brings me luck. I want to sell this thing now and of course...never had a problem with it before...then when you decide to sell it...this has to show up.
                YOD...the triangle thing will belong to the new!
                I have tools I don't even know I own...


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                  I've had an idea on my mind to share with you about those chamfers....... why not get a radius cutter to put a radius on the holes instead of a chamfer? NO sharp edges anywhere for a crack to start. Given price of heads getting a few more races out of them would be significant.
                  mark costello-Low speed steel