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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a Shoptask (3 in 1) owner and I've been keeping up a website about my experiences with the machine and some of the projects I've been working on. I've had it for about a year and now that I have some content I thought it might be time to post it here and open the flood gates!

    I imagine it will be interesting to some and very amusing for others so take a minute to check it out.


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    Thanks!!!! Great web site and great work



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      Awesome site

      Your site is interesting and well designed. You are also a good writer. You'd be great at teaching people how to do machine. Why are you taking machining classes out of curiosity?


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        Looks like you got the machine under control! The work looks good.
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          Thanks very much! As for machining, I guess I've decided I want to be a machinist. Ever since the mountain biking boom in the early 90's I've been fascinated with machining and CNC, now I want to do it myself and kind of shift gears in my career.

          I'm involved with product design and development and would like to do more in terms of prototyping, fabrication and understanding the manufacturing processes that are being used to make the products by working with those materials and methods directly. Another aspect, and perhaps more important, is that I'm starting to work on my own projects instead of doing so much consulting work. Oh, and it's fun!

          thanks again


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            Very nice, your site is well done. Everyone should have a look at that.



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              The kids a gas

              Im impressed with your site, you have had to deal with quite a bit with that machine, I actually was considering one before i bought my mill and talked to a guy who owned one and he stated many of the same problems that you have and added that reguardless of what he tried his mill head could not be brought around and was a sloppy mess, He did state that he got the lathe part to perform very accurate but it took lots of tweeking, needless to say if it does what you want it to then thats all that matters and it would be handy to have one machine be able to do many operations, Your website is the bomb and you are a credit to machining community, not only that ---- you have a talent and a user friendly apeal in the way you discribe things, "two thumbs up" ------ "a must see"
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                Cool site, I really enjoyed it.


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                  Oustanding site!

                  I'll be adding it to my list of links.



                  Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free:


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                    Nicely done web site. I do web site design and hosting myself.

                    It isn't fool proof though

                    Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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                      Hi all,

                      Thanks very much for the comments, I wasn't really sure what people would think. I've certainly never documented anything quite so thoroughly. I like the idea that it represents my entire learning experience from "zero" to where ever it might go in the future.

                      A.K., thanks for the two thumbs. I think that's my first official review!

                      B.W., I enjoy your site as well, much more organized than I am and some very interesting projects. It's nice to see a fellow Rhino user!

                      Evan, well I figured out what the problem is! Although, you should really consider following the instructions! Only joking. I guess I need to change the target for that link. I put it up there because I noticed some google links from when I didn't have any frames on the site, and that just loads the content page with no navigation.

                      I posted my upgrade to Baldor 1.5 hp motors and a VFD if anyone is interested.

                      thanks again for stopping by and advice/tips are welcome. I know I've missused some terms here an there, novice thing and all, but I decided to leave them as part of the historical documentation. I mean...I'm lazy.


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                        Thanks again for pointing out the nesting bug Evan, that was a bad one! After I posted it I never clicked on the link since I could, in fact, see the menu. Should be all set now.



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                          Quite a contraption...must be the "ultimate" Shop Task model designed by Rube Goldberg


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                            Great work!

                            What a terrific website! A perfect mix of information and humor. Is there anything this guy can't do? Machine work, welding, electrical, photography, writing - he's got all the bases covered. Damn, I bet he even knows how to cook!


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                              Thanks again for pointing out the nesting bug Evan, that was a bad one! After I posted it I never clicked on the link since I could, in fact, see the menu. Should be all set now.
                              I spent several years doing software alpha testing for JASC before they were absorbed by Corel. Having programming experience I can never resist trying to break software. I'm one of those people that can't resist pushing the button labled "DO NOT PUSH". I specialized in finding ways to crash the applications by finding improperly handled limit conditions.

                              Say, I wonder if I can set the paint brush size to zero? Why yes I can. What happens if I draw with it? BOOM.
                              Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here