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Old mineral spirits any different ?

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  • Old mineral spirits any different ?

    I realize that the name mineral spirits coverages a ranges of blends but would there be any substantial differences between today's and a 40 year old supply. The reason for asking is that I've inherited a number of unused gallons of crystal clear stuff. Made by Reco-Chem (or something like that) out of Canada.

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    Petroleum solvents were are rated by solvency compared to some standard, analine point, drying time, clarity, density, yada yada.

    You have alluded to it's clarity, so - -

    If it has been sealed so that it's short chain ingredients are sort of the same, and it doesn't present a sour smell, that might be a result of moisture presence and growth of something similar to tank slime, or some other reaction over time, I'd say you have useable and maybe "good" stuff.

    What you use it for, you already know, depends on your own findings of suitablilty.

    Would I use it? Heck yes.
    Would I put it in some condition specified coating product, blindly, without test? er No.

    Hth Ag


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      All know is the stuff you buy at Wal Mart and Home Depot is not the same stuff you get from and Industrial Lubricant dealer.
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        In Canada, I believe Mineral Spirits are reffered to as " Stotdard Solvent"
        At least they did back in the 70's when I lived there.
        Green Bay, WI


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          From Recochem:

          What is the difference between Mineral Spirits and Paint Thinner? What other names is it known by?
          Answer: Mineral Spirits has fewer aromatic solvents while other similar Products-Paint Thinner, VarsolĀ® - contain higher concentrations. Both are petroleum distillates, are generally interchangeable, and are available in different grades.

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