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Tramming in a mill/drill

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  • Tramming in a mill/drill

    I remember seeing on here a while back ways to tram in a mini mill/drill. I have the generic HF variety (technically Homier) with the "big nut" style tilting head adjustment. I could tram that part in OK, but this post (that I can't find through search) was talking about IIRC 6 degrees of freedom that need tramming in. I figure if I'm going to take it apart to replace the broken gear inside, that I might as well get it nice and trammed in. I don't really know the ins and outs of tramming as I have never done it before (new mill user) so if anyone remembers where that post is or wants to help out that would be awesome. Thanks
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    My notes on squaring and tramming in a mill or vise are here:

    Sounds like you're interested in squaring, which will involve shimming the column until it is square to the table. Some folks would also take the opportunity to install a pin so the trammed head stays trammed, but that's a function of whether you think you'll want to use the head tilt much.


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