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Best Electric Screwdriver?

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  • Best Electric Screwdriver?

    Who makes the best electric screwdriver? I had a Skil that gave many years of good service before it died. Replaced it with another Skil not nearly so good. It's slow, lacks power, and doesn't hold a charge. This is a tool that's in my hand all the time. I would gladly invest in the best, but what IS the best?

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    My old yahoo group. Bridgeport Mill Group


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      i agree with jrouche mine is 20 years old and still going strong


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        Black and Decker makes a couple that work on 4 AA Batteries. Not a lot of power, but they have a lock for the hard stuff.

        I can't count the number of the rechargeables I've thrown away once the nicads crapped out. Some had replaceable batteries, but were generally hard to find and expensive. Others were obviously built by Chinese Puzzle Engineers. After I did actually figure out how to get inside I found that they had soldered the battery to the guts. The whole point being to get the consumer to invest in a new rechargeable.


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          I've had a few also, but the absolule best so far IMHO is the DeWalt model DW920.
          I can be had locally for $99.00 from HD or Lowes.


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            I got a great little one at Home Depot about a year ago. It's a Skil Li-Ion driver that's really small...just hand size. One speed...on/off. Reversable in the normal way (doubled ended button, just like any good size drill these days), is very lightweight, reasonable power, and has a self contained battery. You might want a bigger one as well, but I find myself using this little guy a LOT more often than anything else. ('course my next step up is an 18V hammer drill, so...). If you're doing long drawn out continuous work, you might need something a little more robust. But if that's the case, I'd pick up one of these anyway. Or get two! One to keep in the charging cradle, and one to use.

            The biggest initial selling point for me was the Li-Ion battery. Holds a charge for up to 6 months, much better power/weight ratio than most, and doesn't suffer from "memory" effects that plague NiCad (or to a lesser extent) NiMH batteries... but who makes power tools with NiMH batteries anyway?


            It's not the most powerful or most adjustable, but it's very easy to work with, small enough to basically work anywhere you can get your hand into anyway, comfortable to hold, lightweight (so your arm doesnt get tired when doing something above your head for a long time)... and hey, for $35 (that's what I paid, YMMV), you can't go wrong.
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              Best cordless driver

              Worth every penny. Absolutly fabulus screwdriver.