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ot: razr v3t cellphone

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  • ot: razr v3t cellphone

    this piece of crap is driving me crazy > ive spent 5 hours trying to get my computer to recognize it, ive downloaded all sorts of drivers and enabled all sorts of ports. There is definitly a connection between my computer and the phone, when i connect it it makes beep noises and it changes the volume from loud to soft. Has anyone have any experience with this? Help!

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    Do you have the actual motorola USB cable. I had the same trouble with my V3M and a generic USB cable. My phone would connect via blue tooth, and I could access limited stuff via the blue tooth stack, but not as much as you can do w/ usb. I was told later that a lot of USB ports on phones are wired differently than a standard USB, and that is why it wouldn't work. I wasn't about to pay $60 for a cable, so I said screw it. I can at least transfer pics via bluetooth.


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      My V3 works fine with Motorola tools software and a generic USB cable. No suffix on my V3. I used a generic cable, but cable is $25 from the dealer here in Ada OK.
      John Burchett
      in Byng OK
      John Burchett
      in Byng OK


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        My V3C from Verzion is software blocked by Verzion to keep it from working with a PC. This software block is so you have to pay to email your pix. If you buy software to unblock the phone it voids the warrenty.....

        The new V3's have a removable chip which can be hooked up like a chip from a camera. Or so they told me...



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          im useing the original motorola cable, ive tried p2k , p2k drivers, p2kcommande, and every single motorala usb driver, what could i possibly have missed?


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            I hate to jump in since I do not own one, but I do have a motorola phone. It left me scratching my head for 60 minutes one day until I realised - it only works with the phone closed, I had the phone open and it would beep but not completely connect.

            Just a thought.


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              Elninio, First of all, are you on Verizon? If so, they have crippled the phone as far as features and communications with a PC.

              A simple USB cable is all that you need to connect to it. If you want to charge it from your pc, you need to let windows find it and install a Motorola modem driver. This is ONLY to charge it.

              To connect and make it useful, you need to a) hack it with the tools you mentioned to enable USB communications and b) get Motorola phone tools ($25 on line download). c) make the changes detailed on line to make the phone tools recognize the phone. All of this voids your warranty. Took about 30 seconds to decide to do it. Lots of things can break phones

              Once you have installed Motorola phone tools AND done the hacks to the phone and mod to the phone tool configuration, bring up phone tools BEFORE connecting your phone. DO NOT let windows recognize it and initialize the previously mentioned driver for charging.

              Phone tools will bring up an on screen model of your phone. The whole world opens up as you can view images, transfer music files, etc. Text messaging from your keyboard is cool (I'm not exactly cool anymore but it seemed pretty sweet).

              Verizon should be slapped with a 2x4 for F-ing with the Motorola product like that. Motorola is a typical US business that will now bend over for money.

              Verizon music downloads $1.99 to PC and phone, $0.99 to the phone, are a pile of crap. Stick with MP3 from other sources (and pay for them )

              Other Razor notes:

              The mini USB is used in un-orthodox ways. The phone actually senses a resistor value (200k ohms, 400k or none) between one of the pins and ground. It will act as either:

              a) charging only (with charger driver)
              b) headset (mic and earphone)
              c) stereo headphones (left, right channels)
              d) USB connection (via phone tools, be sure to start phone tools before connecting phone)

              Too much time on my hands you say? Yes but I was so pi$$ed with Verizon when I found what they had done that I was either going to right it or the phones were going back.

              Other Razr cell providers vary in their treatment of the phone. Some are ok as is and can be connected to without hacking.



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                Oh yeah, had to post this one separately.

                Spoke to Verizon corporate support about transferring files. I have to use their connection kit but would not be able to transfer images with that either !

                When I asked them what options I had to do the transfers, they actually suggested using the memory card ... HELLO ... you need to shut down the phone, remove the @^#%$ battery and then remove the #^[email protected]% memory card.

                For this lovely access design, I blame Motorola.


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                  Motorlla phones grrrr.

                  I used to love Motorolla phones. That was in day of the last innovative phone they made, the Sprint Startac with the first OLED display in a consumer product. It had a nice address book that let you save 4 numbers per person. These days I have a motorolla V-whatever-the-hell-it-is which usually has a firmware crash after talking for 13 minutes. It sucks so much I do most of my calling from my work cell phone, a Blackberry 8150.

                  I wouldn't have another motorolla phone if they gave it to me. I'd rather pay the big bucks for a blackberry since it appears the analog section of the phone gets better signal than several others, the firmware doesn't crash, it doesn't have a camera, the keyboard and address book work right and the design isn't frapping stupid. It's also capable of being dried out after a dip in the toilet. Don't ask how I know that. . .

                  I'm with cingular so I can't say much about Verizon. All I can say however is that I'd take any new motorolla phone and flush it in a commerical toilet sending the device to dwell with others of the same composition. . .



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                    this is the v3t, it is the t-mobile version of the v3 razr, they told me i would have to download some software off their website in order to be able to mp3s on it, i did that and it still didnt work. i did get the MPT and it does tell me to go to options, unplug , then plug, etc... but after i do that it is stuck in the 'initializing stage' and it says 'com port not available'. its supposed to allow me to transfer videos, picks, and mp3s without having to hack it. buying is a new phone is supposed to make life easier but so far this has been a step in the opposite direction


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                      SUCCESS! i got it to work, or so it seems...

                      this is what i did:

                      after installing every single driver i went to MPT (motorola phone tools) and ran the setup once again, then selected the motorola usb driver from the list and it worked. Its as if i installed MPT before i installed the drivers, but infact i ran the driver updates before installing MPT. Something very strange is also going on with my phone, the box and the description in the phone says its V3T but MPT says its V3I !

                      Atleast it works My advice to anyone who is dealing with a neverending problem such as this one is to try the simplest things. Just as in my physics homework, the right solution is the simplest one.


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                        For anyone w/ the verizon versions looking for more info, I stumbled on this site after reading info in this thread on it being locked. I had written it off as being a cable thing (see my previous post), I had never heard about verizon crippleing these phones to make more money. It really started to piss me off the more I read about it. So I hacked my phone based on these instructions I found last night. This guide: clicky proved invaluable for a noob like me. I read it a few times, and after a bit more research, I found that it is not really necessary to flash to the Alltel firmware as outlined in the guide. All I needed to do to get the features working I wanted, was some of the seem edits listed in that guide, and on the page: Razr Hacks.

                        Anyhow, it is good to see you got yours working. I am glad it wasn't as big a deal as the VZW phones are... I actually did the wanted seem edits in about 1-2 hours including downloading and installing and getting all of the necessary software to work. I read the guide several times while at work yesterday in preparation. If I understand correctly, the seem edits don't necessarily void your warranty, unless a VZW tech really know what they are looking for. They are pretty transparent changes. I enabled USB, removed the orange screen on the outer display (this bugged the hell out of me, my first RAZR had the same wall paper as the inside screen, this V3M had a pumpkin orange background, regardless of what I did), added a bunch of the factory ringers and did the ring volume hack. Pretty cool, all worked as advertised on line.