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new lathe 10x18 from busy bee

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  • new lathe 10x18 from busy bee

    we built a good strong table for this puppy way beter then the 7x12 i had that bew up on me, alot more usfull as well

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    Yep you built that stong enough ok I would have tried to use or utilize the underneath space a bit better but sturdy it is good luck with the new lathe.Alistair ps have fun
    Please excuse my typing as I have a form of parkinsons disease


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      the space unnderit is now filed up wiht all kinds of stuff i need to store under it .. the bench is intergraded ont the walls and fully reinforced as well noting is going to move the lathe at al in fact i can even sit on the bench wiht the lahe its weights 350 lbs and iam 261 lbs and still not flex at all in the bench and there is less then 20 pounds of weight on the legs under the lathe it self with the lathe on it so its built to hold weight for sure.. when i build something its lasts..