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    The latest electronic aid to the workshop is worth a second look. This little cube can be magnetically attached to any steel or magnetic surface and set to zero, any movable part can then be set accurately [reportedy within 0.1 degree] RELATIVE to that surface.
    example, I needed to set my shaper head to 2.5 degrees, set the cube on top of the head and puish zero, tap the head to the setting required and tighten the bolts checking that the readout didn't change, all done in seconds!

    this is the link [usual disclaimers]

    Paul Z

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    Now THAT's something to look into


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      Thanks for posting Paul. I would like to see one of those.




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        Seems like a very good way to spend $40, I'll let you know how it works when it arrives From the FAQ:

        How does it read? All of our readouts use what's called capacitive measuring technology. This is the exact same system that is used in almost all digital calipers that have been on the market for at least 20 years. There is a circuit board on a rotating counterweight that has a repeating pattern etched on it. There is a second fixed circuit board with a similar pattern and the rest of the electronics. As the 2 patterns pass over each other there is an electronic signal generated that is converted to rotation angle. The only moving part is the circuit board with counterweight passing over the fixed circuit board. There is no electrical connection between the 2 circuits boards and they do not even touch each other. There are no other mechanical moving parts.

        They also carry a 6" digital caliper with a 64ths fraction readout, as well as a planer readout and fence readout for woodworking with those same features.



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          No address , No phone , no country.Makes me wonder . The owner says he is too busy ,deals through internet only..Probably not much to worry about ,it is sold through Woodcraft Supply also.Could use one now myself.


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            Do a google plenty of people selling this.

   is now! Same company, same service, same brands, but much bigger selection

            Hang on a bit though as some of the prototype Chinese mills are having these fitted to the tilt heads as standard.


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              Originally posted by opua
              The latest electronic aid to the workshop is worth a second look. This little cube can be magnetically attached to any steel or magnetic surface and set to zero, any movable part can then be set accurately [reportedy within 0.1 degree] RELATIVE to that surface.
              Funny -- that's a compact version of the digital protractor for sale at MSC, J&L, Enco, etc:

              Same resolution (0.1 degree) too.

              Great price as well!
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                I got mine from a local Woodcraft store and it has been real handy around the shop. Also useful for setting the occasional piece in the vice at an angle for those odd jobs.
                Jonathan P.


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                  The web page lists no address, but I got this from my paypal transaction page:

                  Ship From:

                  Barry Wixey Development
                  5306 Umbrella Pool Road
                  Sanibel, FL 33957
                  United States

                  They are also a paypal verified member, which means something, I guess.



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                    I had coveted the more expensive brethren of these little guys but hadn't wanted to pay the price. I bought the little guy as soon as it came on sale. It went on a shelf like most things to wait until I needed it.

                    After reading this thread I pulled it off the shelf to try a few tests with it. Apparently my granite surface plate is level:

                    And my 30 degree angle block is really 30 degrees:

                    Unfortunately my lathe is not so level (DOH!):

                    Ya'll did see that 0.050" gage block peeking out didn't you? It woulda been hidden under my Starrett level:

                    Anyway, I have deemed it a swell gadget worth the having.



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                      Quote:"Unfortunately my lathe is not so level (DOH!):"
                      I don't really see how this matters.As long as the angle is the same at each end,i.e.,no twist in the bed,it will be accurate.Or am I missing something?
                      Nice gadget though,even if it would be rarely used in my workshop.


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                        I make these things myself with accelerometers with double accuracy.

                        Apart from their original use, automatic leveling, their use is wide.

                        Once we used it for symmetry error detection in a plow. And for progress monitoring in fysiotherapy. Change the software and it is a vibration monitor.


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                          Hey Alistair, how do you spell deja vue? LOL

                          I'm reminded of a commercial running in the states where a board meeting is trying to save money. A guy at the table says use certain shipping company and gets poo poo'd. A few seconds later the boss says the same thing and everyone sits in awe !!
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                            Although it's much bigger, the following can be had from Craftsman with their Craftsman Club (it's in the latest flier) sale going on now for $35.00?

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                              wouldnt it be worth cleaning all the chips off your lathe bed before trying this.I bought one two seems to be ok have not yet tried it properly as I am a bit down at the moment but its a gizmo and its shiney and it lights up and mine came with a leather case and free postage Alistair
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