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Got my new vise today

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  • Got my new vise today

    Got the new vise today.
    Anyone know where to get the keys for it? I do not see them at Grizzly.
    Life Is Grand

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    Oh goodie!

    Those come in handy from time to time,just don't get carried away tightening them.

    Keys,you want keys?Make them,assuming the T-slots line up with the key slots in the vise.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Keys? .... It has an ignition switch?

      There was a post a few months back with a discussion on making keys and key ways, I think. It involved making a plate to fit a slot in the table and clamping the vice to it upside down. (You might need other support.) That was for cutting the key way but that's a good way to check the index of your key way to the jaws too.

      Once indexed, you just make a key(s) to fit your table slot and the key way in the vise.


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        Table distortion?

        Iv never needed one yet but I could see where it would come in handy, but what about table distortion, dont you think it a factor, I believe it would change things if not just temperarly (while the piece is bolted and clamped) and it would also distort the table gib surface esp. if torqed end for end and under allot of pressure? I mean lets face it, our tables arent machined and then ground to specs with some aparatus using it as a bow. just a thought.


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          Just make a step key in one setup, whack it in half to get two keys.

          Don't expect it to be dead accurate.

          Those are ok for oversize plate jobs and such, but aren't super precision.

          Strap clamps and tee bolts can distort your table too.

          Years ago we had a Gray Handymill (at work). This was an open sided planer type milling machine with a split table 3 feet wide, by about 20 feet long.

          Over the years the slot nuts and clamps warped the table sections up nearly a 1/32" in the center in the 10 foot direction.

          Many commercially used smaller mills develop a hunchback situation in time.



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            Kap I have work with Hulk some day. The guy have bend some strap clamp and strip the thread on a lot of studs. All of this on a milling who cant take the load of a 4 inch facemill without choking.(alarm code on control)


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              I dunt need no stinken keys!

              Actually , yes it does have an ignition switch and it purrs real fine! And now you get the smart as* award!

              AK has brought up a valid point. I never thought of that as you can see. I bought the damn thing. Even had to wait for it as it was out of stock.

              I think I will be ok as long as I do not go gorrilla on it, EEK EEK!

              I guess I can make the keys. Just another pain I was hoping to not have to do. Plus I would think they would be hardened so they would not deform or get grooved by the edges of the slots.
              Life Is Grand


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                If anyone is interested, Enco sells hardened vise keys. I haven't purchased any yet, but it is on my list to key my vises.



                Try G-Wizard Machinist's Calculator for free: