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  • What is it?

    I bought a bunch of tools and fixtures from a retired machinist last week, among them were a couple of centers that I've never seen before. I looked through the catalogs and nothing looks even close.

    Here is the first, MT's on each end, however the male side is a spring loaded ball joint, for lack of a better description. It only moves about 10 degrees.

    This one has a taper on the end of it, I was thinking maybe it would be used to hold parts with a radius on the end?

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    The first is a floating tool holder. They are usually used with reamers to follow a hole and compensate for minor misalignment of the tailstock or spindle depending on the machine.

    The second is a cup center, for radiused or pointed workpieces as you suspect.
    Jim H.


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      Damn, I knew this one to,But Thanx Jim, You are quick.