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  • What did I miss?

    I was sleep deprived last night and was posting deliriously. I posted a political satire kinda. I was in the shop all day today and did not get my email until a few minutes ago to find an email asking to shut down that post. I went to look at it and it was gone.

    Is this censorship? Did not think it was evil or anything. It was something I heard on the radio actually.

    Never got to see any response from it.

    Slap my hand if you must but whats up with the remove? There have been sooo many OT posts here lately I felt obligated to post one myself.

    I guess I do not have enough seniority to get away with them.
    Life Is Grand

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    Are you sure it was THIS board? Sounds an awful lot like the PM modus operandi. I've seen posts locked here but not deleted unless they're down right gross or spam.


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      Dear cybor462,

      Frank Ford has just replied to a thread you have subscribed to entitled - Heard a funny today..or is it - in the General forum of The Home Shop Machinist & Machinist's Workshop BBS.

      This thread is located at:

      Here is the message that has just been posted:
      Any chance this thread could stop here?

      Ken this is the email I got and when I went to see why Frank wanted it stopped it says it has been deleted.

      Sorta upsetting as it was not anything evil, or anything. Makes me feel I do not have the status here to post OT as most others do all the time.

      I never checked the post after I posted. Now I want to know what the heck happened.
      Life Is Grand