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  • Tool grinder?

    I just traded my old Rong-Fu mill/drill for one of these import tool grinders in like new condition. It looks just like this one from Enco. The brand on mine say KAO Ming.

    I had no more use for the mill/drill after buying a larger mill so I traded it off. I am not sure how to run this new machine so I am looking for a place to get some info I didn't get a manual with it either. I am pretty lost about grinding so I need to find some good reading material. I don't even grind my own lathe bits I always used carbide inserts, but I want to change all that and do some learning. Can someone point me in the right direction?
    Thanks Mike
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    This is Sir John's CD on T&C grinders, it has all the information you will need.
    Jim H.


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      Here a short page on cutter grinding.


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        Thanks for the info that is a good site and Sir John just got an order. He should get a kick out of my Ebay moniker.


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          That Hanita page is really good Hal -- thanks.
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