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    A few years ago I saw a movie that had soldiers singing a cadence similar to this. I only remember the first few lines. I have searched the net trying to find the words to no avail. So, ended up writing this for fun. decided to share with the board. If anyone has the source for the “Original” let me know.

    The Colonel built a still
    that makes whiskey wine and beer
    The US Army Soldier
    is one heck of an engineer.

    The whiskey it is strong
    one shot will make you faint
    If you do not want to drink it,
    it is good for stripping paint.

    The wine is sweet as honey
    it’s color crimson red.
    One glass of this nectar
    goes right to your head.

    The beer it is golden
    your face will shine with glee.
    It fills your heart with laughter
    as your bladder fills with pee.

    The still she is shiny
    the pressure it runs low.
    Even at full production
    the still will never blow.

    The colonel built a still
    that makes whiskey wine and beer.
    The US Army Soldier
    is one heck of an engineer.

    Disclaimer: This was written by me for fun. It is not intended to promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages. It is not meant to encourage anyone to build such a device. Building such a device could be dangerous and illegal. It is not intended to endorse any branch of the armed forces. Any resemblance to an actual US Army Cadence is coincidental.…………….
    Ad maiorem dei gloriam - Ad vitam paramus

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    Might want to add ...No Engineers were harmed while writing this.


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      My son is an Army Engineer - I'm gonna show him this. He'll get a kick out of it.