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Simple radius forming on shaft.

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  • Simple radius forming on shaft.

    A while back someone posted that they could not form a large radius on a shaft because they did not have enought power. So I went out to my shop and made this radius turner on my pos Logan. And it works great.
    I am posting this because I posted my answer to my puzzle post [ How did i cut this far around ball??? ] And this is just about the same tool. See other post for more on how it works. And is set up.

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    So it's a bit like this one posted here March 2004 that I built for making Delrin rollers to roll on 2" tubing for door supports ?

    Nothing special, no mountings, just removed the tool post and used the existing bolt. This lathe doesn't have a top slide fitted for rigidity that block is semi -permanent.
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      Thanks guys! I've been collecting stock for making mandrels and couldn't see how the other radius cutters could be used for this tight of a configuration. You just might have gotten me past a hurdle.

      Jim, is the end of the vertical stud the actual cutting edge or do you have small bit embedded into that riser?
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        Nice work Jim. Don't mind me or John. John does this for a living and is the fastest machinist on the planet. I have been doing this as a hobby for decades and got my start doing aircraft metalwork nearly 40 years ago.
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          Your Old Dog

          You asked if the vertical stud [ cutting tool ] was the actual cutting edge.
          Yes it is . In fact you could use any hss round even a broken tap shank.
          Jim Sehr