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cnc stepper motor help needed

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  • cnc stepper motor help needed

    regarding artical Universal CNC controller Jan/feb 2003 and mar/apr 2003,..
    the question is, what stepper motors are you using for this system?
    Manufacturers of stepper motors and supplyers in canada would also be helpful.
    any information regarding this project would be helpfull
    Thank you for your time

    sean m cheater
    sean m cheater

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    Yeah. A hobby normally has limits on what you can afford. What I usually do is buy the largest stepper. is one of the better suppliers to the hobby market.
    Driving them steppers, if you can afford it Buy Gecko drives. I tried for years using the brute method of inline power resistors. The geckos have microstep, internal limiting and operate faster than anything I have built. Check
    TM00MTR4437 for 21.95 them are some pretty good motors for the money.
    I am using Qstep software, I posted the link before. The rest is easy.

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      How big of a motor in oz/in would you need for a mill/drill? For the x/y axis.


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        Check past discussions on CNC, there are numerous links to Canadian suppliers.

        If you are stuck, email me and I will email some Canadian sources for you.


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          I just posted some motors on ebay, little did I know the markey would see a glut.. EBAY to buy your motors, they are selling 3 or 4 in lots cheaper than I posted one for.