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  • Yacncv

    Yet Another CNC Video.

    This is high speed machining. Very high speed. Scroll down about halfway and click the movie camera to load the video(s).

    Datron machines feature 60,000 RPM spindles that produce low force, feed rates of up to 1000"/minute ...
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    You may have hit right on my problem. You mean this is unusual? That's how I thought my mill was supposed to work and I was feeling depressed that it wouldn't cut that fast
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      Heh. I hesitated about showing it to my wife. I made sure that I emphasized that my mill won't do this unless I get to spend another $50,000 on it.

      You should check out the specs on the various machines. They give example products and list the machining times. Ridiculous times. Times such as 3 minutes for something that looks like it should take three hours.
      Free software for calculating bolt circles and similar: Click Here


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        Why are you showing this!!
        My poor X1 with 2000 rpm mill is beginning to feel a little jaded, mind you if you could mill at those speeds you would have to find a lot more jobs to do!!
        I have tools I don't know how to use!!